'Tere tweet ke koi 5 rupay bhi nahi deta' - Fans react as popular Pakistani sports journalist calls for boycotting India's matches in ODI World Cup 2023

Pakistani sports journalist Farid Khan's call to boycott the match between India and Bangladesh after the PCB's complaint was refused has been met with ridicule from fans.

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Farid Khan (Source: Twitter)

Controversial Pakistan journalist and die-hard Farid Khan who is known for his over-the-top tweets, has once again created a buzz on the social media platform “X” (formerly known as Twitter) by taking a stand against the Apex Cricket Council and the Indian Cricket Board for refusing to take any action on the complaints lodged by the Pakistan Cricket Board to the Apex Cricket Council. 

PCB was unhappy with the conduct of the Ahmedabad crowd towards the Pakistani Cricket team and the delay in issuance of Visas to Pakistani journalists and fans for the 2023 Cricket World Cup. Pakistan Cricket team captain Babar Azam was booed by the Ahmedabad crowd when he was speaking at the time of the Toss and religious chants were hurled towards Pakistan wicketkeeper Mohammad Rizwan when he was going back to the pavilion after getting out.

After PCB’s complaint to take cognizance of the misconduct was rejected by the Apex Cricket Council, Farid Khan took to the social media platform “X” to express his disappointment over the whole issue and declared on his handle that in retaliation to the biased behaviour of Apex Councu=towards Pakistan team, he will boycott the match between India vs Bangladesh and won’t tweet anything about the match. Farid Khan tweeted:

It’s not the first time Farid Khan has spoken against India

Farid Khan who has a huge following on “X” is known for his social media antics against the Indian Cricket Board and has faced flak for that in the past by Indian Cricket fans. He again came into the limelight some days back when he urged the Pakistan Cricket team to come back because of the delay in Visas for Pakistan journalists and fans. He also urged the Pakistani media to boycott the Cricket World Cup in India.

This time he has gone a step further and decided to boycott the match himself. He also went on to say that this step of his will hamper the buzz of the match between India and Bangladesh and could result in loss of revenue for even Elon Musk. He tweeted:

The Indian Cricket supporters didn’t take this tweet very well and came back with some hilarious responses to the string of tweets of Farid Khan. Some mocked him for being full of himself while others stated his presence doesn’t have any effect on anything in India. Here are some of the tweets by the Indian fans:


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