Pakistani Actress offers to go on a date with a Bangladeshi cricketer if they beat India in World Cup

Pakistani actress Seher Shinwari has offered to go on a date with a Bangladeshi cricketer if Bangladesh defeats India in their next match on October 19.

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After the hammering against India in the ODI World Cup 2023 by 7 wickets with 117 balls to spare, the Pakistan cricket team is coping with heavy criticism. From normal cricket fans to celebrities, everybody in Pakistan expressed their feelings on social media about the loss, but one such actress in Pakistan has garnered attention on social media for her absurd offer after the loss.

Pakistani actress Seher Shinwari has claimed to go on a date with a Bangladesh cricketer if their team manages to beat India in their next World Cup fixture. Bangladesh is set to face Pakistan on October 19 in MCA Stadium in Pune. Not only the Pakistan team but the whole nation was waiting in desperation to beat India in a World Cup as they haven’t managed to do even once in the last 31 years.

Desperate to see India lose, this Pakistan actress took to the social media platform “X,” formerly known as Twitter, and said, “InshAllah my Bangali Bandu will avenge us in the next match. I will go to Dhaka and have a fish dinner date with Bengali boy if their team managed to beat India,". This actress earned some fame last year before India Pakistan T20 match in Melbourne and is known for her notorious tweets towards India.

All is not well in the Pakistan camp post-India match

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has complained to the Apex Cricket Council about delays in issuing visas to Pakistani journalists and the lack of a visa policy for Pakistani fans for the 2023 World Cup. The PCB has also officially lodged a complaint about inappropriate behaviour directed at the Pakistani team during the India vs Pakistan match on October 14, 2023.

In addition to all this frenzy, some Pakistani players have caught viral fever including Shaheen Afridi and Abdullah Shafique which disrupted the Pakistan team’s plan just before the all-important encounter against Australia

Pakistan team is set to face Australia in their next encounter on 20th October in Bengaluru in the M.Chinnaswamy Stadium. This is an important match for Pakistan as their record in World Cup games in Australia hasn’t been great and losing two matches in a row could derail their World Cup campaign.

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