Euro 2024 qualifier match between Belgium and Sweden abandoned

Euro 2024 qualifiers between Belgium and Sweden was abandoned as gunman shot two people in Brussels. The accused gunman was reportedly taken out by the police. Following the incident, the fans were asked to wait in the stadium for more than 150 minutes.

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A shocking incident happened before the match between Belgium and Sweden in the Euro 2024 qualifiers. A gunman shot two civilians in Brussels, which led to the abandonment of the match. The fans were asked to wait for more than 2 and a half hours in the stadium. Reportedly, the gunman was shot by police. After the confirmation, the fans were let out of the stadium.

The interior minister of Belgium said, "The perpetrator of the terrorist attack in Brussels has been identified and died." Manu Leroy, the CEO of Belgium Football, said that it was ideal to stay in the stadium. "It was decided in the first place that the match should go ahead because the stadium was the safest place to be at the time so that the fans could stay here and be safe," added Leroy.

Eric Van Duyse, the spokesperson for the federal prosecutor's office, said that the gunman claimed to be inspired by the Islamic state. "During the evening, a claim of responsibility was posted on social media, having been recorded by a person claiming to be the assailant. This person claims to be inspired by Islamic State," said Van Duyse. The gunman was reportedly 45 years old and hailed from Turkey. 

'No element indicates a possible link with the Israeli-Palestinian situation' - Van Duyse

Van Duyse added that the accused person has no links with the conflict between Israel and Palestine. "The Swedish nationality of the victims was put forward as the probable motive for the act. At this time, no element indicates a possible link with the Israeli-Palestinian situation. Security measures were urgently taken to protect the Swedish supporters," added Van Duyse. 

Following the incident, the European Football governing body said that the match between the two sides was abandoned. Following a suspected terrorist attack in Brussels this evening, it has been decided after consultation with the two teams and the local police authorities, that the UEFA EURO 2024 qualifying match between Belgium and Sweden is abandoned," the European Football body said.

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