WATCH: IShowSpeed asks Ronaldo Nazario about Virat Kohli

Football: IShowSpeed, the popular YouTuber, had visited the residence of Ronaldo Nazario. During his interaction with the Brazialian star Footballer, Speed asked him about Virat Kohli.

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IShowSpeed asked Ronaldo Nazario about Virat Kohli in his latest interaction with the Football star. The popular YouTuber is currently on his tour of Brazil. During his long tour, the YouTuber visited the house of Ronaldo. He asked several questions during the interaction, including one regarding the star batter from India. The reply of the Brazilian was natural.

"I got a question. Do you know Virat Kohli?" asked Speed in the interaction. Ronaldo's rep asks "Who?" The question of the star Footballer surprised the YouTuber. He was astonished and asked if the former Brazilian Footballer did not know about the most popular cricketer in the world. Speed went on to show Nazario the image of Virat.

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"He is a cricketer, Virat Kohli. He is the best, better than Babar Azam. I just wanna show you a picture of him," said Speed as he showed Nazario the image of the star batter. The 1998 WC Golden Ball winner recognized the star batter upon seeing his image. Speed let Ronaldo know that Virat is the GOAT of cricket. "Yeah, he is the GOAT," added Speed in his interaction.

'Are you Ronaldo's dad?' - Speed

Nazario then allowed Speed to have a glimpse of the Ballon d'Or award he won in the past. Speed got emotional upon seeing it. The two then posed for an image and got clicked. In their further interaction, Speed asked Ronaldo Nazario if he was the father of Cristiano Ronaldo. "Are you (Cristiano) Ronaldo's dad?" asked Speed. The interaction of Ronaldo with Speed was filled with humour.

The 2002 Football World Cup winner replied saying that he is the first Ronaldo "I am the first Ronaldo," added Ronaldo. Speed acknowledged it by saying, "I knew it." It is interesting to note that Ronaldo Nazario was one of the fewest players to win the Golden Ball and the World Cup in Football. In 1998, the Brazilian won the Golden Ball. In 2002, he won the World Cup with Brazil. For his time, Nazario was a sensation in the sports world.

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