India get a 5 run penalization vs England in 3rd Test at the Saurashtra Cricket Association stadium

India penalized 5 runs against England in the 3rd Test vs England at the SCA stadium. The big question is whether this will be a problem going forward in the game.

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Ravichandran Ashwin (Source: x)

The Indians are carrying on adding runs in the first innings of the 3rd Test match vs England. The England bowlers have been under the pump in the ongoing Test match. The match is already set up by the home team and they will be looking to put up a big total on the board. The match is still not over though and this Test series has already given us a fair share of surprises. Centuries from Rohit Sharma and Ravindra Jadeja have already set the tone for the Indians and they will be looking to take advantage of that going forward in the Test match.

There have been some interesting rules in the game of cricket that we don’t have that much of a clue. The Mankad and timed out are some of the rules that have been one of the rarest and most interesting  rules in the game. These rules by the Apex Cricket Council make even the players forget oblivious about the rule book that they have been following. Some new rules have been introduced as well such as the rule of batters crossing over and taking strike next ball which has also been changed by them as well.

The danger zone penalization

There is one more rule that has also been seen in the Test match. The danger zone of the cricket pitch is something that the umpires have made clear in the past as well. This was also in play during the Test match where Ravindra Jadeja was warned as well earlier and now after Ravichandra  Ashwin was caught running in the middle the officials and umpires have taken strict actions. The Indian team is penalized 5 runs for running in the middle of the wicket during the 3rd day of the Test match. This means that the English batters will have a 5-run advantage when they start their innings.

It has been made clear in the past that no player is allowed to run in the danger zone of the pitch at all. This will be a lesson to all the players who will be playing the game in the future as well. The rules are clear if the bowler runs in the danger zone more than once he is taken out of the attack and the batter is giving the side an advantage. The Indians are still batting and are still looking good for a big total on the board. Whether these 5 runs will make a difference, we will just have to wait and see.

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