CM Punk claims his first win on return to WWE

WWE: CM Punk won his first match on WWE on his return to the Survivor Series 2023. The former world champion overcame Dominic Mysterio on Tuesday in front of a packed house.

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CM Punk

CM Punk (Source: Twitter)

CM Punk won his first match in WWE since his return. The superstar returned to WWE after more than 9 years when he made his appearance in the Survivor Series last month. Since then, the cult of personality has been teasing the fans about his next move. In his last Monday Night Raw appearance, Punk signed a contract with Adam Pearce and confirmed his joining the Monday Night Raw.

That was when Seth Rollins entered the rind and faced off against Punk. The world heavyweight champion asked CM Punk to stop claiming WWE as his home. Rollins said that Punk has been slandering him and the fans for all these years and does not deserve to call WWE his home. Rollins added that WWE is his home. Punk kept on listening to the verbal attack of Rollins.

On Monday Night Raw, Punk confirmed that he would be taking part in Royal Rumble 2023. Later, Punk warned the world heavyweight champion that he might face the latter in Wrestlemania if he manages to claim a win in the big event. Before he participated in the big event, Punk probably needed some match practice and hence had a match in the latest episode of WWE. 

CM Punk beats Dominik Mysterio 

On his first match since his return to WWE, CM Punk took on the talented Dominik Mysterio. The latter was recently the NXT North American Champion and has been a formidable opponent. On Tuesday, CM Punk overcame Mysterio and claimed the first win since his return. The crowd supported its comeback hero who registered a win in front of them. 

The member of the Judgement Day put up a good fight but was no match for the experienced superstar. "I came to finish what I started. It starts tonight in the world's most famous arena and the greatest fans on earth. That isn't me finishing my story, that's just me getting started,'' Punk said when he made his first appearance on Monday Night Raw since his return and hoped to achieve a lot.

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