'Kam ko kabhi chota nahi samajhna chaiyee'- Fans react to Rinku Singh's father still providing gas cylinders

India upcoming star Rinku Singh's father seen still distributing gas cylinders even after son's success in international cricket. Not forgetting his roots even after accomplishment from the talented player.

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Rinku Singh's father ( Source- X)

There have been a lot of upcoming young players in the Indian team who have impressed everyone on the big stage. The dearth of Indian talent has been phenomenal to see and they have already gained a huge fan following due to their great innings early in their career. One of the big talents is Rinku Singh, who started to get a lot of recognition due to his great performances in the Indian Premier League (IPL) last season while playing for Kolkata Knight Riders. Rinku was also one of the highest run scorers for the team as well and has made his name for himself as a finisher in the game due to his lusty blows.

Rinku’s form on the international scene has been great as well and he once again has shown his potential while playing for his national side as well. In the 15 T20Is he has played he has already scored 356 runs at a phenomenal average of 89 and has scored 2 half centuries already. The strike rate of above 170 is also enough to establish himself as a potential finisher in the squad who can play the big shots on both sides of the ground. The future of Rinku is looking brighter and brighter in international cricket.

Rinku’s father sticks to his roots

We know that Rinku is a talented player in the Indian setup already and has already made some big moves, but what a lot of people will not know is that the 26-year-old southpaw was born to a lower-middle-class family in Aligarh, where his father worked as a gas cylinder distributor. There was also a video that went viral where his father was still seen doing the same job even after Rinku’s success in international cricket. This was still surprising for the fans on social media seeing the man still stick to his roots even after Rinku’s success.

Watch the video below-

This will have some major reactions from social media, but it is important to know that this man has still not forgotten his roots. This might be surprising for a few people who are watching this video; however, this shows where Rinku gets his humble and fun-loving approach from when he enters the field. This is no doubt a great example of a hardworking man who still wants to live his life on his terms and go on with his normal life. There might be a lot of stories on social media about this, but we all should appreciate the man for being a great example as a father to one of the upcoming talents in Indian cricket right now.

Here’s how the fans have reacted-

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