WATCH: Carlos Alcaraz loses his cool, throws away his racquet during Argentina Open

Carlos Alacaraz loses his cool in the semi finals of the Argentina Open against Nicolas Jarry. A terrible moment for the young player who smashes his racquet in the process as well.

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Carlos Alcaraz (Source: X)

The World of Tennis has given us some big stars. The likes of Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic are still remembered today. Even now we are getting some young and talented players like Janick Sinner and Daniil Medvedev. Many Tennis fans are looking forward to seeing these young players win some big tournaments moving forward and be the next generation of Tennis stars.

Another young prodigy is 20-year-old Spaniard Carlos Alcaraz. Alcaraz is currently number 2 in the ATP rankings. Like any other Spanish player, he is known as a player who has an aggressive mindset with some powerful forehand shots. He already has 2 grand slams to his name winning the US Open in 2022 and the Wimbledon in 2023. There is a bright future ahead for this young athlete which everyone will look forward to.

Alcaraz loses his cool

During the semi-final of the Argentina Open Alcaraz was up against 2 seeded Chilean player Nicolas Jarry. The young Spanish player went down 6-3 in the 1st set and lost the tiebreaker in the 2nd. This completely ruined his chances of making it to the finals of the tournament. Alcaraz also had a moment where he lost his cool completely and even smashed his racquet in the process. This turned out to be one of those forgetful moments for the young star.

Watch the video below:

These are still early days for Alcaraz. There is no doubt that he is right now one of the best players in tennis. This was a learning curve for him going forward in his career. Alcaraz being the fighter he is known to be will look to come back from this loss. There are big things ahead of the young player. There will be a time when he will overcome these emotional moments in the game as well.

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