Know why Joe Root celebrated his century with ‘Pinky’ finger during ongoing India vs England 4th Test

India vs England 2024: England most experienced batter Joe Root scored 31st century in Test cricket. After hitting century, he came up with ‘Pinky’ finger celebration which left cricketing fans curious.

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Joe Root

Joe Root

England's most experienced batter Joe Root scored his 31st century in Test cricket in the 4th Test against India. In the first three matches, Root was struggling with his form. In six innings, he managed to get only 77 runs against India. In the fourth Test match against India, however, he scored his first hundred in this series. After hitting a century, he came up with the ‘Pinky’ finger celebration, which left cricketing fans curious. 

Joe Root lifted his litter finger to take applause from England's Ben Stokes in the dressing as the movement was captured on cameras. This century from Joe Root helped England to get into a strong position as England was 57 for 3 at the start of Day 1. Root Joe took the responsibility and scored 106 runs from 226 balls as England ended the day on 302 runs for 7 wickets.

England captain Ben Stokes was pumped after Joe Root's century

This is not the first time Joe Root has celebrated with a ‘Pinky’ finger. In the 2021 Test series against India in Chennai, he pulled out the same celebration with Ben Stokes. Stokes and Root's celebration is claimed to have been inspired by the biography of iconic American singing superstar Elvis Presley, starring Austin Butler.

Presley had an unusual action of pointing out his ‘Pinky’ finger as one of his many signature moves, which was also featured in the film. Ben Stokes claims to have seen the film before the 2021 Test against India, and Presley's gesture fascinated the all-rounder.

England captain Ben Stokes was pumped on as his teammate scored a century which came after a bad form. Although Joe Root had support from head coach Brendon McCullum and Ben Stokes. His celebration attracted the crowd. With his century Joe Root's confidence is boosted. It has also helped England to make a good comeback in the match as they look to avoid the first Test series defeat in the era of Baseball.

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