WATCH: Chelsea fans brush their teeth during Premier League game vs Fulham at Stamford Bridge

Chelsea spectators are seen brushing their teeth during the Premier League match vs Fulham. This left fans on Social media confused and also questioning the clubs' seriousness as well.

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Chelsea fans ( source- Twitter)

The Premier League is one of the biggest football leagues in the world right now and has gained one of the most massive fan bases in football history. There are a lot of clubs in the league that have a great history and following such as Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester City. These teams have not only gained accolades in England but also all over the world. They are the teams that have made this one of the most-watched leagues in Football history and have had some great young and experienced players with amazing skills and goal-scoring ability.

Another major team that has been one of the most decorated clubs in history is none other than Chelsea FC. They are one of the few teams to have all major trophies in Europe and have one of the biggest fan following in London. The club has won 6 Premier League titles, 2 Champions League titles and 8 FA Cups. However, the last major title won by the club was in 2022. They are right now having one of their worst seasons as they are placed 8th on the points table.

Brushing teeth at Stamford Bridge

The last game at Stamford Bridge saw Chelsea taking on Fulham at their home ground who are currently 13th on the table. Chelsea managed to win the game 1-0 thanks to a penalty by Cole Palmer in the last minute before halftime. However, some strange events took place in the game that saw some spectators brushing their teeth during the match. Everyone was confused and wanted to know the reason behind this step taken by the spectators who were seated just behind the dugout of the team.

Watch the video below-

This created some negative reactions on social media, where fans were questioning the seriousness of the club. The reason was given by ESPN journalist James Olly who said it was a promotional exercise, for a film called Argylle which was releasing on the 2nd of February on Apple+tv. The film is also produced by none other than Chelsea owner Todd Boehly. This was the only explanation given to the people by the media which seems like a viable explanation.

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