Saurashtra Cricket Association set to take disciplinary action as U23 player caught carrying liquor

The Saurashtra Cricket Association's sporting arena has recently garnered attention for an incident that raises questions about the conduct of its U-23 cricketers.

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Saurashtra Cricket Association

Saurashtra Cricket Association (Source: Twitter)

The Saurashtra Cricket Stadium, located in Rajkot, stands as a testament to the region's passion for cricket. Home to the SCA, this sporting arena has recently garnered attention for an incident that raises questions about the conduct of its U-23 cricketers. Following Saurashtra's triumph over Chandigarh in the CK Nayudu Trophy on January 25, an unexpected discovery unfolded as the players prepared to return to Rajkot.

Liquor bottles were found in the cargo area of the plane designated for the cricketers, leading to a significant breach of protocol. The authorities at Chandigarh Airport promptly seized the alcohol, unveiling a scenario that cast a shadow over the integrity of the Saurashtra cricket team. This incident prompted the SCA to take swift action, announcing a disciplinary probe to delve into the matter.

In response to the unsavoury episode, the SCA released a statement expressing its deep concern, terming the occurrence as unfortunate and intolerable. The association made it clear that the Ethics and Disciplinary Committee and the Apex Council would conduct a thorough investigation into the incident, with a commitment to carrying out appropriate disciplinary measures.

It stated, “There has been an alleged incident at Chandigarh that was brought to the notice of the Saurashtra Cricket Association,” said the SCA in a statement. “The alleged incident is unfortunate and intolerable. It added that the ethics/Disciplinary Committee and Apex Council of Saurashtra Cricket Association will examine the incident in-depth and shall take proper disciplinary action,” it added.

Saurashtra Cricket Association adheres to the Gujarat Govt's decision

It is noteworthy that Gujarat, the state where the Saurashtra Cricket Stadium is situated, observes stringent regulations regarding alcohol. As Gujarat is declared a dry state, the possession and transportation of alcohol within its borders are strictly prohibited. This prohibition is accompanied by a system wherein the state government issues permits to visitors, enabling them to purchase alcohol exclusively from designated outlets.

The incident involving the recovery of liquor bottles challenges the ethical standards expected from sports professionals. It also underscores the need for stringent adherence to state regulations. As the SCA initiates a meticulous examination of the events in Chandigarh, the focus shifts beyond the cricket field. It also raises the question of the values and responsibilities associated with representing a cricket association in a state with specific legal constraints.

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