Michael Vaughan believes India is one of the most underachieving teams

Former cricketer Michael Vaughan believes India is one of the most underachieving teams right now. He also says that the performances in big tournaments have been disappointing according to their standards.

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Former cricketer Michael Vaughan comments on the Indian team

There is no doubt that India is one of the largest cricketing nations in the world right now and has been known to have a lot of legendary players. Even today with the growth of the Indian Premier League(IPL) and the improved nature of domestic cricket, there have been a lot of talented players in the ranks. India has 5 international trophies to their name which include 2 World Cups, 1 T20 World Cup and 2 Champions trophies, making them the team with 2nd best after Australia. With a lot of success and a lot of talent to showcase, there is no doubt that they are a team filled with champions. 

Unfortunately even with the abundance of talented players in their squads right from Virat Kohli to Shubman Gill, there have been some great performances, but the disappointment of failing to win a trophy since 2013 has still come back to bite them. Since 2007 the Men in Blue have been breaking records by winning 3 international trophies in 6 years. However, it has still been heartbreak for the last 10 years. The Indian team failed to secure the recently concluded World Cup as well even after a solid winning streak of 10 wins out of 10 games and the streak was broken by none other than Australia who won their 6th World Cup. 

Michael Vaughan’s views on India

Former England cricketer and 2005 Ashes-winning skipper Michael Vaughan also had his views on the Indian side and called them one of the most underachieving sides in cricket history. In his statement on Fox Sports saying “They haven't won much in recent times. I think they are an underachieving side. They don't win anything. When was the last time they won something? With all the talent they have all the skill-set they should have achieved more." with this Vaughan even supports his statement by bringing up recent performances of the Indian side as well.

"They've won in Australia twice (Test series in 2018/19 and  2020/21). Magnificent. But in the last few World Cups, but in the last few World Cups and T20 World Cups they have been nowhere”. This statement by Vaughan is fair in the sense that even after having some of the best players, this Indian side has not lived up to the expectations and has failed to win anything big for over a decade. However, we cannot degrade the success they have achieved in securing the top positions in the point table as well. A team should be judged by their overall performances in the season, instead of just winning major tournaments as well.

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