Jay Shah reappointed as Asian Cricket Council president for a third consecutive time

Jay Shah to continue as Asian Cricket Council Presiden as he has been reappointed for the third consecutive time. Shah still being the top cricket administrator in the Asia.

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The game of cricket is really popular in India and is currently the number 1 game in the country making it a great experience for all fans and cricketers. Therefore, it is no surprise that the Indian cricket team will want a governing body that will be responsible for building a champion team and grooming great talent in the future. There have also been organisations such as the Asian Cricket Council(ACC), which was established for the game growing in Asia as well, and has 5 full-time members namely India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Afghanistan, who have been playing some great cricket recently.

The man who was at the helm of affairs with this organization was none other than the Indian Cricket Board secretary Jay Shah. He has been The Indian Borad’s secretary for more than 5 years where he was appointed in 2019 and became the ACC president in the year 2021, where he succeeded Bangladesh Cricket Board’s president Nazmul Hassan. He has been one of the biggest administrators of the game recently and has also been appointed to run for the chairman role for the Apex Cricket Council as well.

Jay Shah has been reappointed

Shah has already been the president of the ACC for more than 3 years and has also been reappointed for the 3rd time as well. What seemed like he might give up the role in the end turns out that hey will still have another term in charge of cricket in Asia. Shah has still given some great years as the president where he has been a part of many successful tournaments like the Asia Cup and the Nidihas Trophy. It is another big achievement for the man who is still on top in the sporting world with his ideas and plans for the future.

There will be a lot of great wishes for Shah going into his third tenure as the president of the ACC and it will be interesting to see what he has in store. Jay Shah will once again be the top guy in the Asian cricketing world and will once again try to do his best as the president. He is turning out to be the top dog who might take control of everything related to the game in the future. Jay Shah has already shown that he is capable of building teams and helping the Indian team reach new heights despite of not having enough experience as a cricketer.

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