‘He’s Box-Office’ - Nasser Hussain lavishes praises on young Indian cricketer

Former England skipper Nasser Hussain has praised a young Indian cricket star whole-heartedly and called him a Box Office Attraction for the fans and the game on the whole.

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Nasser Hussain (Source - Twitter)

Former England skipper Nasser Hussain was recently interviewed by the Apex Cricket Council website. During the chat, the former England player named a young Indian cricketer as ‘Box-Office’ Team India is set for an exciting 2024 as far as cricketing action is concerned. Rohit Sharma and his team will play England in a five-match Test Series which begins on the 25th of January.

The biggest test will be in June, as India fly to the Caribbean and the USA. The former World T20 Champions will want to win the tournament and end their wait for a global title. Meanwhile, India is set to play South Africa on Wednesday in the final Test match in Cape Town.

Young India star gets massive praise –

Former England skipper Naseer Hussain has praised Rishabh Pant and spoken about his value to Indian and World Cricket. The 55-year-old spoke about his reaction after hearing about the accident that happened late in December 2022.

While speaking to the Apex Cricket Council website, Hussain said “That was such a serious accident. The whole world held its breath and it has been a slow recovery. you follow on social media, my phone, and the initial first walking steps to the scenes in the gym and then scenes of him playing cricket, and spending time with Ricky”

Ricky Ponting the Delhi Capitals coach was recently in England for the 2023 Ashes Edition. Speaking about how the former Australian great was in touch with Pant and keeping tabs on his progress. Hussain gave an inside knowledge of the relationship Pant and Ponting share with each other.

“I travelled with Ricky in the summer during the Ashes and he was texting him ‘How’s the progress coming along’. And he is a box-office cricketer’. India have done well without him as KL has come in been brilliant in all formats”

The England great also said “They’ll continue to be brilliant. They are lucky to have both of them, but Rishabh Pant before his injury, was box–office, and hopefully, after his injury, will be box-office as well”

Sourav Ganguly has confirmed that Rishabh Pant will be back playing cricket during the IPL 2024 season. Delhi Capitals plan to use the 26-year-old as an Impact player this season to not burden him with responsibilities.   

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