Ex- Australia player trolls Pakistan by calling them 'too pleasant'

Cricket News: Former Australia player criticizes Pakistan players for kind gesture before Boxing Day Test, where Pakistan were giving gifts to Australian players. says to beat Australia you have to be feisty.

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Is it the wrong approach?

Is it the wrong approach?

With the series on the line after Pakistan were defeated by the hosts by a big 300 run margin and Pakistan looking to level the series and get back to business. The South Asian Giants somehow chose a friendly approach by giving them Christmas gifts before the Boxing Day Test. The Baggy greens however have once again taken control of this Test even after getting bowled out for 318. Pakistan were still trailing by 124 runs at 194-6 at the end of day 2. Right now everything does not seem to go Pakistan’s way as it has already got to the tailenders.

There are a lot of experts who were against this approach from the Pakistan team just before the Test match. Some people appreciated it saying they are showing good sportsman spirit and showing kindness to their opponents, but some people felt that this isn’t the way to approach a naturally aggressive Aussie side before a boxing day Test. Overall there are mixed reactions from experts and fans regarding this gesture by Pakistan players when the series was on the line.

Kerry O'Keefe's  Insights

Former Australia spinner Kerry O’ Keefe did not agree with this approach by Pakistan and thought it was a big mistake and gave a statement on Fox Sports saying “This Test series is being played in the best of spirits? You're not going to beat Australia in the best of spirits. Christmas Presents yesterday. Would Sourav Ganguly have arrived with Christmas presents to Steve Waugh? No." The former gave his opinion giving Sourav ganguly’s aggressive nature against Australia in the past.

He further stated “You've got to play feisty against the Aussies. You got to have some spite. This is too pleasant. And then opening the Boxing Day with a half-volley." Some people might agree with the statement that while playing Australia it’s better to play fire with fire with a lot of examples in the past such as Sourav ganguly and Virat Kohli who liked to give it back to the opponents and achieved success down under as well. However every team has its own approach and they might be successful without reacting like the following individuals.

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