3 cricketers who have played 100+ games in all three formats

Check out who are the three players in international cricket that have played over 100 matches in ODI's, Tests and T20I's. They are by far one of the most successful players in the game.

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Virat Kohli and David Warner (Source - X).png

Virat Kohli and David Warner (Source - X)

The game of cricket has become very vast due to the multiple formats in the game nowadays. It all started with Test cricket which was a game which lasted 5 days and was known as the traditional way of playing the sport, then came the ODI’s in the 70s where a game of patience finally became a game where the runs were more crucial than the amount of time you spend at the crease. This also led to a lot of win-loss results which used to be very less in the longest format where most of the games ended in draws. The T20 format was the one that brought the ente3rtainment factor in the game, where the room for error was less and the number of big hits started increasing.

These three formats make the whole sport of cricket popular among the masses and we have enjoyed watching some amazing games in each of these formats. We have also seen a lot of talented players in the game as well, but there are only a few players that have been successful in all formats of the game. The likes of Sachin Tendulkar and Rahul Dravid made a huge name for themselves in the One-day format and the Test format, but it is the shortest format that they were never able to conquer as they didn’t get the time to adapt to it. On the other hand, players like Kieron Pollard turned out to be one of the best players in the T20 format but were not as successful in Tests and ODIs. 

So here are the three players who have played over 100 games in all formats of the game and have been really successful:

3. Ross Taylor

 Ross Taylor (Source - X).png

The first man to achieve this feat was one of the most renowned batters from New Zealand. The man was talking about is Ross Taylor who has played 450 international games for the black caps where he has played 112 Test matches, 236 ODI’s and 102 T20I’s. Taylor averages over 40 in both ODI’s and Test matches and might have not been as consistent in T20I’s, but still managed to be one of the most reliable batters for his side. He has also scored more than 18000 international runs being the highest run scorer for New Zealand as well.

2. David Warner

 David Warner (Source - X).png

David Warner is no doubt one of the best openers for Australia in international cricket and has just recently retired from ODIs and Test matches. David Warner at the start of his career was not expected to be that successful in Test cricket due to the aggressive nature of his game, however surprised everyone with consistent performances in the longest format as well as consistent performances and became the fixed opening batter in all three formats. Warner has played 373 International games where he has played 112 Tests, 161 ODIs and 100 T20Is.

1. Virat Kohli

 Virat Kohli (Source - X).png

It is no surprise that 'King'  Virat Kohli has featured in another elite list in the cricketing world once again. Kohli is the only Indian cricketer who has played 100+ games in all three formats of the game and has played over 500 international games. He is perhaps the most successful batter in this current era averaging just close to 50 in Tests and above 50 in ODI’s and T20I’s.

Kohli is also the 2nd highest Indian and the 4th highest overall run-getter in international cricket. This has established him as one of the greatest batters ever to grace the field and he will be remembered for a long time. There is almost nothing which this 35-year-old legendary batter has not achieved in his illustrious career.

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