'Everyone is coming for the Tribal chief' - Fans react as Roman Reign posts a cryptic message on X following The Rock's New Year warning on Raw

Roman Reign posted a cryptic message on X following The Rock's New Year warning on Raw. The latter returned to Monday Night Raw and addressed 'The head of the table'.

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Roman Reigns (Source: X)

The Internet has shattered after the return of The Rock on Monday Night Raw. Triple H teased the fans by sending Jinder Mahal first as the former WWE champion to the arena they had announced to return on Monday Night Raw in the new year of 2024. But in the middle of the speech of Mahal, the music of The Rock hit the arena, which made the fans go crazy.Β 

The fans had a memorable night as they saw. The Rock is back in the arena after a very long time. At San Diego, The Rock took on Jinder Mahal in a verbal war. Dwayne Johnson said that the fans do not boo Mahal because he speaks in Punjabi or because they hate him and added that the fans boo because because Mahal is a stupid *****.

Without wasting any time further, The Rock brought out his trademark people elbow to Mahal. The former WWE champion delivered the most electrifying move in all of entertainment and stunned Mahal. As The Rock threw Mahal out of the ring, he addressed the crowd. Dwayne Johnson claimed that he was hungry after the short duel against Jinder.

Roman Reigns' cryptic message on X

The Rock talked to the crowd and asked them should he eat in the booze at the first place. The reaction of the fans was almost mute. The former world champion then asked if he should visit the bar and have a drink. the fans reacted with some cheer. Dwayne Johnson said that he loves it as well. But in a serious way, the former world champion asked if he should eat at the Head of the table.

The comments of The Rock made fans go absolutely crazy in the arena. Reacting to the in-ring statement of The Rock, the Tribal Chief posted a cryptic message on X. Roman Reigns posted a laughing emoji as a reaction to the warning of The Rock. The fans went absolutely crazy to the reaction of Roman on X and claimed it to be a legendary duel in the making.

Here's how the fans reacted to the tweet of Roman Reigns -

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