‘IND was just a 'KOHLI' away from batting collapse’- Fans react as India lose their last 6 wickets without scoring a run, get all-out on 153 runs in 1st innings

Fans react as the 2nd test between India and South Africa unfolds with a series of highs and lows. The Indian cricket team initially asserted dominance, but things took a sharp turn as India losing their last six wickets without adding a single run.

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In a bizarre clash between India and South Africa, cricket fans witnessed a roller-coaster of emotions as the Indian bowlers first dominated the game, only to face an unexpected and dramatic batting collapse. India started the day with their bowlers firing on all cylinders, sending South African batsmen back to the pavilion one by one limiting South Africa to a mere 55 runs.

However, the game took an unforeseen turn post-tea when India, after starting to score runs aggressively, lost six crucial wickets without adding a single run to their scoreboard. The collapse began with the departure of KL Rahul, triggering a chain reaction leaving everyone in disbelief as India lost the last six wickets without scoring a single run.

Post-tea, the Indian batsmen showcased a quick flurry of runs, with Virat Kohli leading the charge. KL Rahul and Virat Kohli formed a promising partnership, with Kohli approaching his fifty. However, the resilient KL Rahul's departure proved to be the turning point that set off a batting collapse.

India's Stellar Bowling Performance

India's initial dominance was evident in their outstanding bowling display, putting immense pressure on the South African batting lineup. The early wickets set the tone for what seemed like an easy victory for the Indian tea.

South Africa, struggling at 55 runs, appeared to be no match for India's bowling prowess. Little did anyone anticipate the dramatic turn of events that awaited in the later stages of the match.

 The last 11 balls of the South African spell read – W 0 W 0 W 0 0 W 0 W W, symbolizing the abrupt collapse of India's batting order. Batsmen came and left in mere balls, with no additions to the scorecard.

Lungi Ngidi emerged as the game-changer, triggering the batting collapse with a remarkable performance that saw him taking three wickets in his maiden over. The pressure created by Ngidi exposed the vulnerabilities in India's lineup.

The once-promising innings ended abruptly, with the last few wickets falling like a pack of cards. The final score of 153 reflected a significant lead of 98 runs, but the dramatic collapse raised questions about India's batting stability. Social media platforms buzzed with reactions from cricket fans worldwide. Memes, discussions, and debates unfolded online. Here are some of the tweets on X:

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