Former India cricketer slams India vs South Africa Test series for being a short contest

Former India cricketer slams the India vs South Africa series for only being a short contest consisting of only two matches. Says series should be more competitive for the hype created.

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South Africa vs India

The first Test between India and South Africa began with high hopes for the Indian team to finally win their first-ever series in South Africa. The match did not start well as the first three wickets fell in quick succession in the form of Rohit Sharma, Yashasavi Jaiswal and Shubman Gill. The partnership between Shreyas Iyer and Virat Kohli did manage to stabilise the innings but after lunch, the partnership was broken with both of them getting good starts and failing to convert them. India is struggling at the crease and will be hoping that they make some recovery to get back into the game.

Through this series though there has been a lot of talk about this only being a series that consists of just two games. A lot of experts have had a problem with this since the tricky conditions in the rainbow nation are where the Indians have little to no success and it would’ve been better if the series had at least 3 matches to be a little more competitive. This has also been called a dead rubber series by some people since a team has to win both matches and there is not much chance to come back and win the series.

Aakash Chopra’s insights

Former India cricketer Aakash Chopra also had a lot to say about this two-Test series and was unhappy with it saying “Anything less than a three-match series is a disservice to Test cricket. All the talk about protecting Test cricket and being its guardian does not mean we are doing what's necessary. We need to walk the talk. We are playing a two-Test series because if teams play a single match, then it can't be called a series. It has to be a minimum of two matches.” This was a fiery statement made by the former Test opener on Jio Cinema.

He has further stated “So, it's just like fulfilling that minimum commitment and leaving. You play five matches against Australia, you play five against England. South Africa are the third major side. But we are doing South Africa a disservice. We are doing a disservice to Test cricket by playing a two-match series. If you are saying Test cricket is supreme, then give it the status it deserves." Chopra also posted on X saying that India does not make a penny out of this series further showing his frustration on the rules and to leave the Indian Cricket Board out of this.

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