Rohit Sharma's reply to T20 World cup speculations leaves everyone curious

Rohit Sharma answers all speculations on him playing the T20 World Cup and leaves media and fans confused in press conference. Will he play another T20 World Cup or only focusing on Tests is the big question.

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Rohit Sharma

Rohit Sharma

India is right now having great performances in white ball cricket and will be looking forward to the T20 World Cup as well. The last two T20I series have also been successful for the men in blue. Some talented T20 players have also come into the fray. This has led to a lot of options for the selectors. The T20 World is something for the Indians to prove themselves after two disappointing performances in the last two tournaments. This will be a test for everyone in the Indian team to prepare for this trophy. This is also another trophy that has taken the men in blue more than a decade to win their second trophy. 

Several questions are surfacing about whether Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma will be part of the T20 World Cup since they have not been part of the last two white ball series. There are also speculations whether Rohit Sharma will be leading the side as well. This has certainly left the fans thinking about what will be the future of India in the T20 World and whether they will achieve the success they had earlier. Rohit Sharma also addressed this issue in the press conference himself.

Rohit’s epic reply

Rohit was asked during the press conference whether he will feature in the upcoming T20 World Cup to which he gave a simple reply saying I know what you are trying to ask here and you will get your answer," This kept the suspense alive among the media and the fans on whether the skipper will play or not. To this, Rohit was further asked about his future in cricket to which he also gave a mature answer stating that he did not want to speak about his future and wanted to play whatever cricket is there in front of him.

This shows how Rohit has matured as a player and a leader and wants to just play his own game. This answer might have created a lot of suspense and confusion but it also gives us a clue that he might have a lot more cricket left in him than you think. It will not be surprising if Rohit will lead his team in another tournament looking at his form and the talent he has. We all hope the hitman can still surprise us in the future as well. 

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