5 PKL Records Which Might Never Get Broken

5 PKL records that might not be broken in the future and will remain intact for a long time. Check out who has made these records that will remain in the hearts of the sports fans.

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The 10th season of the Pro Kabaddi League(PKL), has already begun and is in full flow with a lot of big raids and tackles. Through this season, we have also seen some surprising results that we have never seen before. With 10 years of this league, the sport has grown a lot and has its fans and following as well. This was a step to make an Indian sport global throughout the world, which has worked well. It will be interesting to see how this league can go from here after 10 successful years. The way kabaddi has grown all around the world it is safe to say that it has the potential to go past any global sport in the future.

 We have seen a lot of great players during this tournament and a lot of records were broken as well. With these great records, it is no surprise that this is currently the second most-watched League after the Indian Premier League(IPL), which has also lasted more than a decade. The growth of the PKL from the time of its inception in 2014 to this current season till 31 January 2024, has surprisingly exceeded the expectations of any sports fan in the world and we hope this Indian sport will still be loved for years to come.

There have been a lot of big records that have been set by players and is a great achievement, but there are also some records set that might not be broken in the future as well. These records hold a real place in people’s hearts and have kept a lot of high standards in PKL history. The moment these records are broken will be nothing short of a miracle since when these were set nobody thought that it would be possible, but these players have beat the odds.

Here are the 5 records in PKL history that might never be broken:

5. Most points in a PKL debut match- Suraj Desai- 18 points


Suraj Desai took his time warming the benches in the 2nd and 5th seasons of PKL, but in PKL 7, he finally showed his talent and skill for the Telugu Titans. The raider had a dream debut in the season as he managed to get 18 points in the match against Dabbang Delhi KC. This is officially the best performance by a raider on his PKL debut and there might not be anyone that could match that incredible performance right now. This performance by Desai proved how many talented players there are in the ranks. 


4. Most tackle points in a single season- Nitesh Kumar- 100 points


Nitesh Kumar is right now the most successful defender in the world with not only great performances for the UP Yodhas but also for his country where he participated in the Asian Games and became a gold medalist. His record in the PKL is terrific as he holds the record for 100 tackle points in a season. This feat proved why Nitesh was backed since his start in the future Kabaddi Heroes programme. Known for his ferocious ankle holds that can stop any raider in his tracks, there is no doubt that he might be holding this record for a long time.


3. Most points in a single raid- Pradeep Narwal- 8 points


Pradeep Narwal without any question is one of the most decorated players in the PKL, known for his speed, agility and great presence of mind. The Dubki King is not only known for leading the Patna Pirates to three PKL titles but also holds one of the biggest records in PKL history. Narwhal holds the record of getting the most points in a single raid where in PKL 5 he went past 6 defenders and secured 8 points. This feat was one of the most iconic moments in a game of Kabaddi and it might be close to impossible for any raider to achieve this feat.


2. Most raid points in a single match- Pawan Sehrawat- 39 points


One of the most consistent players in the PKL is none other than Pawan Sehrawat, who has been a star raider since his performance in season 6 where he was the most valuable player. The moment he exceeded all expectations was in PKL 7 where he managed to break the record of the great Pradeep Narwal by securing 39 points in one game against the Haryana Steelers. This shows the ability he has to make raid points for fun and this is also the reason why he is the most expensive player in PKL history right now.


1. Most consecutive Super 10’s- Naveen Kumar- 21


Another young Asian Games gold medalist, Naveen has impressed everyone by being one of the most iconic players for Dabbang Delhi KC. It was season 6 where he came into the limelight, but it was season 7 when he announced himself on the big stage as one of the best raiders in the world. The 23-year-old raider broke the record for the most consecutive Super 10’s achieving it 21 times in 23 games. This was another record which was set by Pradeep Narwal, who had 8 consecutive Super 10s and was broken by a big margin by Naveen. 


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