Former IPL veteran places serious allegations on EX-IPL commissioner Lalit Modi for forcing him to play for RCB

During a recent interview, Praveen Kumar disclosed that didn't want to play for RCB in the inaugural edition of the IPL in 2008. However, he was forced into it by the then IPL commissioner Lalit Modi by threatening him to ruin his career.

Sarah Andrew
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Lalit Modi (Image Credit: Twitter)

Former India swing bowler Praveen Kumar has dropped a bombshell related to his IPL stint with Bangalore and the former IPL Chairman Lalit Modi. In a recent interview, Kumar revealed that he didn’t want to play for the Royal Challengers Bangalore in the first edition of the Indian Premier League in 2008.

Instead he wanted he wanted to play for the Delhi Daredevils, the Indian capital was close to his hometown Meerut which means that he could visit his hometown once in a while and the food in Delhi was also similar to Meerut.

He further revealed that he was made to sign a paper by an RCB official which eventually turned out to be the contract with RCB and when turned to the then IPL commissioner Lalit Modi, he refused to entertain his plea and even threatened to ruin his international career.

In an interview given to Lallantop, Praveen Kumar said, “I did not want to play for RCB because Bangalore was quite far away from my place, I didn't know English, and the food was not to my liking. Delhi is quite close to Meerut, which would have allowed me to travel to my home once in a while. However, there was a person who made me sign a paper. I did not know it was the contract. I told them I wanted to play for Delhi and not Bangalore. Lalit Modi called me and threatened to end my career."

The former India bowler has played significantly for India and was known for his swing bowling, especially with the new ball. Kumar has featured in 68 ODIs, 6 Tests, and 10 T20Is for India and has been one of the prominent names in the IPL with 119 IPL games to his name.

Praveen Kumar spilled the beans on ball-tampering

The 37-year-old also spilled beans on the prevalent ball tampering which used to happen back in the time by almost all the teams. He stated that it was a common tactic used by players in those times when the cameras were not everywhere.

Kumar especially placed the focus on the Pakistan team by saying that among all the other teams they were the ones who used to tamper with the ball the most to reverse the ball. Pakistan's team is known to be the pioneer of reverse swing bowlers and has a legacy of great bowlers who used to reverse the ball at will.