Fans on social media condemns former India opener for openly targeting Sarfaraz Khan in his tweet

After Dhruv Jurel's valiant knock in 4th test, former India opener also took an indirect dig at giving all the hype to Sarfaraz and not Dhruv Jurel. However, netizens slammed Sehwag for targeting Sarfaraz Khan in garb of praising Jurel.

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Virender Sehwag slammed for targeting Sarfaraz Khan Source: 'Twitter"

In today’s day and age social media tends to set trends and narratives and whether you are an ordinary person or a celebrated former cricketer everyone wants to jump on the bandwagon of social trends. Four Indian players debuted in the test series against England, two out of which debuted in the 3rd test.

Dhruv Jurel and Sarfaraz Khan were the ones who debuted in the 3rd test but Sarfaraz Khan was the one who stole the limelight owing to his domestic credentials. Although Sarfaraz Khan’s debut was celebrated by the media and fans on social media, there was one section of people on social media who were not happy with all the limelight going to Sarfaraz Khan whereas Dhruv Jurel also showed glimpses of his abilities in the 3rd test.

But when Dhruv Jurel played a valiant knock of 90 runs in the 4th test and took India out of a precarious position, the former India opener also took a dig at giving all the hype to Sarfaraz and not Dhruv Jurel. After Jurel’s knock, Sehwag tweeted, “No media hype, no drama, just some outstanding skills and quietly showed great temperament in a very difficult situation. Very Well done Dhruv Jurel. Best wishes.”

Fans Reaction to Sehwag’s tweet

Virender Sehwag’s tweet didn’t go well with the fans as they sensed his indirect dig at Sarfaraz Khan to praise Dhruv Jurel. They also sensed the political angle Sehwag tried to give the whole scenario and the fans were quick to call out the former player on his sour tweet. 

While some fans were dejected to see the former player targeting a debut cricketer others criticized him for bringing politics into sports. Here are some of the tweets from fans:


Virender Sehwag’s response to the backlash

As things seemed to go out of hand, Sehwag gave clarifications behind the motive of his tweet. He reverted that he didn’t mean to target a player but just wanted similar appreciation and hype for all. 

In response to the backlash, Sehwag tweeted, “Not to degrade or demean anyone, but hype should be on performance and be equal. Some guys have bowled brilliantly, some have batted exceptionally but haven’t got the hype they deserve. Akash Deep was outstanding here, Yashasvi has been brilliant through the series and so was Sarfaraz at Rajkot and Dhruv Jurel in all his opportunities. Hype sabko karo."

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