'Bazball comes quite naturally’- England opener Zak Crawley opens up on how Bazball approach suits their natural instinct

England opener Zak Crawley provides insights into how the team employs the sweep and reverse sweep techniques against Indian spinners. The objective is to counteract spin and transform what could be a difficult scenario into a favorable one.

Sarah Andrew
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Cricket is a dynamic sport that has transformed quite a bit over the years. However, one format that hadn't changed that much was the test format which was why it was the least viewed format some years ago but in recent times one significant shift has caught the cricketing world's attention which has not only caught the attention of people but has also changed the way the format had been played. 

That significant shift is England's 'Bazball' approach which has been creating waves in the cricketing circles and this approach faces its toughest challenge of spin-friendly Asian conditions.

Zak Crawley emphasizes the importance of cross-batted shots against spin

To counter India's spin-friendly pitches, sweeping and reverse sweeping are an integral part of the Bazball approach. Zak Crawley, England's promising opener, shed light on the team's execution of the sweep and reverse sweep against Indian spinners. 

The strategy as Crawley emphasizes aims to neutralize spin and turn a potentially challenging situation into an advantageous one. The English batters, initially labelled as underdogs, surprised everyone with a come-from-behind victory in the opening Test in India. 

Speaking ahead of the match, the English batter said, "I think sweeping and reverse sweeping when it's spinning is a good option. It takes the spin out of the plan. I think the reverse sweep is more common for us because there's just less field in there. They always seem to have two men out on the leg side. If they had two men out on the other side, we'd probably play the sweep...the reverse sweep comes probably just as naturally to us as the normal sweep."   

Bazball Approach suits us naturally says Crawley

The 25-year-old opener acknowledged the influence of the Bazball method on England's current batting crop. Describing the aggressive approach as natural, Crawley credits the mindset shift from a more conservative style of play to a dynamic, assertive one. The impact is evident in Crawley's recent batting performances, boasting an impressive strike rate of 88.46 in eight Tests last year. 

Talking to the press about Bazball, the young English batter said, "I suppose it ('Bazball') comes quite naturally as a lot of our teams are playing more aggressively," he said. "The mindset when I first came to England was to backlight or take your time and build a long innings and I didn't think that came naturally to me and a few of the others. A lot of us play a bit better under this regime."     

Bazzball Ind vs Eng