‘I feel as if I’m a lot older’ – Nick Kyrgios believes that he has become ‘more mature’ because of his girlfriend Costeen Hatzi

Nick Kyrgios is where controversy is. The tennis star has thanked his girlfriend for making him a mature person.

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Nick Kyrgios, Costeen Hatzi

Nick Kyrgios, Costeen Hatzi (Image Source: Twitter)

Nick Kyrgios is where controversy is. However, it has been reduced a bit lately. While fans were baffled by his change of behaviour, Kyrgios has come up with something interesting. He has credited his girlfriend Costeen Hatzi for his mature behaviour.

The couple, who started dating last year, has now become the talk of the tennis town. The tennis star was quoted by Tennis World USA saying that he has become ‘more mature and feels a lot older'. The tennis star has credited his girlfriend for the same. The Australian added that he sees a future with Costeen Hatzi.

“Honestly, I feel as if I’m a lot older, a lot more mature, and I feel like when you get older, you realize you shouldn’t be taking these things for granted, the way you’re feeling, the way your body feels. Also, I have a partner with me now I see a future with and I kind of see that I have to provide for. So I feel like my motivation is a lot higher than it used to be,” Kyrgios was quoted as saying by Tennis World USA.

The aggressive young player often finds himself surrounded by controversies, and it all started way back in 2015 Wimbledon. His rant against the opponent and his aggressive behaviour against the referee made it worse for Kyrgios. During the Montreal match, he insulted Stan Wawrinka. The latter took to Twitter to express his disappointment.

Another famous controversy involves Kyrgios shouting at a ball boy during the 2016 French Open. The controversial star lost his cool once again in the Italian Open in 2019. From swearing at fans, swearing at the opponent, having a rant with the umpires to throwing away the racquets, Kyrgios has had many moments when the emotions got the better of him.

He faced a lot of backlash during the Italian Open 2019 controversy, and since then, Kyrgios has carried the prefix ‘controversy’ to his name.

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