Top Five Tennis Records That Might Never Be Broken

In this article, we'll take a look at the Top 5 tennis records that can never be broken at least in the modern era.

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Rafael Nadal-Roger Federer

Rafael Nadal-Roger Federer (Image source- Twitter)

Tennis is a sport that has a huge fan following all over the world. Events like Grand Slams, Olympics, and Wimbledon makes Tennis a unique sport and one that will only increase its fan base over time. Here are the five tennis records that can never be broken:

Most titles at French Open Grand Slam – Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal Rafael Nadal (Image source- Twitter)

Rafael Nadal, the 36-year-old Spanish tennis star, is still at the peak of his career. He rose to number one in the tennis arena after defeating Roger Federer in the 2008 Wimbledon Finals. He also won the Olympic gold medal held in Beijing that year. Rafael Nadal is still considered to be one of the best in the international arena. Many aspiring tennis stars are under his watch at his academy.

Rafael Nadal has won 13 French Open titles so far. This record is potentially the most unbreakable record of all time. There is none from this era that can break the record of Rafael Nadal.

Most Grand Slam titles (24) – Margaret Court

Margaret Court Margaret Court (Image source- Twitter)

Margaret Court, the evergreen women’s tennis star, is one of the greatest ever players to have graced the game. She is idolized by a lot of women aspiring tennis players even now. The former tennis player reigned in number one position for a very long time during her career.

Margaret Court has 24 grand slam titles to her name. Serena Williams has come very closer with 23 Grand Slam titles to her name. But the latter did not break Court’s record. This shows that Margaret Court’s record may remain unbroken.

Most time spent as World Number one – Steffi Graf

Steffi Graf Steffi Graf (Image source- Twitter)

Steffi Graf is also considered one of the best to have played the game. In the year 1988, Steffi Graf won all the major titles, including an Olympic gold. This is also one of her records that remains unbroken as she is the only player to do so. She retired from the sport on August 13, 1999.

Another stunning record of Steffi Graf is that she remained at the top of the rankings for a record 377 weeks. The tennis record seems unbreakable for now at least. She was a beast when she was at her peak.

Most wins at Wimbledon – Roger Federer

Roger Federer Roger Federer (Image source- Twitter)

Roger Federer, the legend of a game, was given a roaring welcome at the Wimbledon this year. He won the gold medal in doubles alongside Wawrinka in the 2008 Olympics held in Beijing. The Swiss star has 20 Grand Slam titles to his name in his long career so far.

Roger Federer has the most wins at Wimbledon. He has won the title 8 times and it is yet to be broken. He has also spent 237 consecutive weeks as world number one which also remains a record.

Australian Open Domination – Novak Djokovic

Novak Djokovic Novak Djokovic (Image source- Twitter)

Novak Djokovic is a modern-day great and has been admired for his skills for a long time now. Novak Djokovic is the first Serbian player to be ranked Number one on the ATP. He came close to Steffi Graf’s golden Grand Slam year but failed at the 2020 Olympics.

Novak Djokovic has won the Australian Open a record 9 times. He has a straight record of 9-0 in the AO finals. He has won the title three consecutive times twice in his career. This is one of the tennis records that can never be broken at least for now.

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