Valorant weapon leak reveals new long range weapon

Popular Valorant leaker reveals that players might finally get a new weapon in Valorant Season 8 that can possibly change the current esports meta.

Sarah Andrew
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Valorant (Source - Twitter)

The addition of new agents is a regular occurrence in Valorant. Multiple agents are released every year with unique abilities. However, ever since its release, gamers have not witnessed a new weapon release.

The latest leak from prominent Valorant leaker ValorLeaks on X has revealed that the upcoming Season 8 might introduce a new weapon for the first time. The new weapon is reportedly a long-range weapon that is somewhere between the Operator and Marshal.

Weapon selection in general in Valorant has always been fine, but the difference in buy cost and performance between the two long ranges is huge. By no means, Marshal is a bad weapon in the hands of skilled players, but long range in general requires more skill.

The upcoming weapon named Outlaw is reportedly bridging the gap between the two. Rumoured to be priced is 2,400 and the weapon will do a bit more damage compared to Marshal. One shot, however, can only be achieved with a headshot.

Here are the expected stats for Outlaw -


Head - 238

Body - 140

Legs - 119

With a magazine size of 2, it might be tricky to get out of a rush situation. The weapon will also decrease the movement speed to 80% and have an equip time of 1.2 seconds.

Going by the stats, the weapon seems great against those who like to buy low armour. Play style depends on the players. A general deep defence for a pick and fallback, until the team comes back, seems viable. Since the stats can be changed, it remains to be seen how the weapon will be used.

What will happen to the current weapon pool is also a mystery. Will the weapon be slotted in with others, giving the player an option to choose between three, or the players have to sacrifice one to equip another game like Counter-Strike 2?

The game is also set to introduce a new agent. Both the agent and the new weapon might actually shift certain meta. Although the game is pretty well balanced.

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