Hopper HQ releases list of Top 5 Sportstars of the year, Virat Kohli the only cricketer to make the cut

Fans of the 5 players will hope that the new year brings them even more success and that they continue to entertain them. The players will themselves want to continue the good work that they have done.

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The list comprises 5 absolute stars who have etched their names amongst the greatest sportspersons.

Neymar, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo (Source - Twitter)

Hopper HQ is a social media management platform, today released its list of the Top 5 Sportstars of the Year 2023. Their ranking considers a plethora of metrics, including online searches, social media engagement, brand endorsement deals, and media presence. Here'a look at the list. 

Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo, the great Portuguese footballer is a global phenomenon, a brand unto himself, and the undisputed king of social media engagement. With a staggering 616 million Instagram followers and a knack for viral workout videos, CR7 proves that dedication and charisma are a winning combination. This year, his record-breaking transfer to Al-Nassr FC in Saudi Arabia sent shockwaves through the football world, further solidifying his legendary status. He is as popular a man as one can find and thus, his triumph in this list should not come as a surprise.

Lionel Messi

Around this time last year, the Argentine maestro finally silenced his doubters, leading Argentina to a breathtaking World Cup victory in Qatar. Messi's genius on the field translates to his social media presence, where his elegant game highlights and heartfelt family moments captivate millions. With 496 million followers on Instagram, he is one of the most popular people on the planet. Most of his videos fetch in excess of 50 million views which goes to show just how big a fan following he has. 

Virat Kohli

The "King" of cricket holds his court not just on the pitch but also in the digital realm. Kohli's passionate persona and dedication to fitness resonate with his massive Indian fanbase. His recent return to form after a challenging period has been met with online celebrations, proving his enduring popularity. Brand endorsements galore and his charm on social media further solidify his position as a true sporting superstar. His performances this year, especially in the recent ODI World Cup, were a treat for his fans and they only added to his popularity.

Neymar Jr

The flamboyant Brazilian brings samba flair to both football and social media. His dazzling skills and infectious smile light up Instagram feeds, while his philanthropic endeavors endear him to fans worldwide. Neymar is a walking endorsement deal, boasting partnerships with giants like Puma, Red Bull, and Gillette. His Instagram, with its 218 million followers, is a carefully curated billboard, showcasing his fashion sense, luxurious lifestyle, and of course, his footballing feats. His playful persona and penchant for playful antics translate into internet gold, with his exaggerated falls and celebrations becoming meme fodder that fuels fan engagement.

LeBron James

The "King" of basketball reigns supreme not just on the court but also in the digital kingdom. With his outspoken advocacy for social justice and his investments in various ventures, LeBron transcends the world of sports. His Instagram is a window into his life as a businessman, family man, and basketball legend, inspiring millions with his hustle and heart. He shares glimpses of his investments and partnerships, from Blaze Pizza to Fenway Sports Group, offering his followers a peek into his entrepreneurial journey. His engaging content on the socials make him extremely popular and that has led to him being ranked 5th on this list.

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