New Deus Ex game cancelled along with multiple lay-offs

Developers of Deus Ex video game series announces multiple lay-offs due to Embracer Group's decision, development for upcoming Deus Ex game cancelled

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Deus Ex

Eidos Interactive, the developers of the popular video game franchise Deus Ex, is now hit with free lay-offs. This comes as a part of Embracer Group's ongoing cost-cutting measures.

Back in 2022, Square Enix sold some of their studios and popular video game IPs like Tomb Riser and Deus Ex for financial stability. Embracer group at the time purchased the video game IPs and studios.

It seems that now Embracer is running out of money after acquiring the studios and the video game IPs. The company have already shut down Square Enix Montréal soon after the acquisition. Eidos-Shanghai was also transferred to Gearbox Entertainment as Gearbox Studio Shanghai.

New Dues Ex development scrapped 

Eidos Interactive in their recent post revealed that the company have laid off 97 employees from various divisions. An anonymous employee has revealed that the next Deus Ex instalment that was in work for the last two years has also been scrapped.

“The global economic context, the challenges of our industry and the comprehensive restructuring announced by Embracer have finally impacted our studio,” the company said in its statement.

“We are working to support all impacted personnel through this transition. These very talented, highly experienced people are entering the employment market, and we want them to find their next projects and are helping to do so,” they further added.

Just the beginning of Embracer Group's lay-offs

The company have also reportedly laid off more staff from Crystal Dynamics, Beamdog, Gearbox, and other studios. Embracer have also shut down multiple studios after the acquisition. As per reports, this has affected over 1,000 jobs in 2023.

Due to its overly ambitious acquisitions, Embracer Group has become one of the most infamous companies. Game developers working at its various subsidiaries are now unsure, as even the biggest gaming firms like Microsoft are being hit with lay-offs.

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