Yashasavi Jaiswal's rumoured girlfriend spotted in 1st Test vs England

Girl named Maddie Hamilton spotted cheering for India upcoming superstar Yashasavi Jaiswal in the 1st Test in Hyderabad. The big question is if it is another union or just a cricketer with a fan.

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Yashasavi Jaiswal and rumoured girlfriend ( Source- X)

The 1st Test of the India vs England 5-match Test series ended on a sour note for the hosts as they lost the game after being totally in control in the first innings of the match. The innings from Ollie Pope and the brilliant comeback from Tom Hartley was enough to get England out of jail and win the Test match by 28 runs. However, this does not mean that the Indians did not have any great performances from their players as well. After the first innings of the match where the Indians had a massive lead of 190, there were a lot of Indian fans who would have thought that India was surely going to overpower England in the game.

One of the iconic performances in the match was from Yashasavi Jaiswal, whose attacking 80 from 74 deliveries set the tone for the home side. His knock included 10 fours and 3 sixes. Jaiswal has currently enjoyed his time in Test cricket so far, where he is already averaging over 45 in just 5 matches. The young southpaw is set to be one of the future stars of Indian cricket, who has incredible technique and can switch gears from being an elegant player to some attacking cricket as well.

Rumours spreading early on

There were pictures on social media of Jaiswal with a girl named Maddie Hamilton on Instagram that went viral all of a sudden. This has already caused a lot of rumours to spread around across the world regarding this. Maddie was also seen in the Test match wearing a jersey cheering for the young superstar as well. There are also pictures of Jaiswal with her family as well, making the probability of this union even more possible. The people are curious to know who this girl is and why is she seen spending a lot of time with the young Indian superstar.

There will be a lot of talks about this girl and if she is actually in a serious relationship with Yashasavi Jaiswal. These are after all only rumours with no certain proof whether it is something spicy or just a normal instance where a cricketer is just showing appreciation for his fans. However, knowing how the internet works, we can see this spreading for a very long time and most likely finally ending with it being just another story that people wish if was true. Overall this is still just a rumour and we have no proof in what is the story behind these meetings.

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