WATCH: Steven Smith plays Tennis with 24 Grand slam winner Novak Djokovic

Australia star batter Steven Smith plays tennis with 24 Grand Slam winner Novak Djokovic during Australia Open. Crowd enjoyed watching two brilliant sportsmen in one frame.

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Steve Smith and Novak Djokovic( Source- Twitter)

The sporting season is starting and the Australian team are taking a break from the game after the triumphant 3-match Test series vs Pakistan. Australia will be playing their next series against the West Indies which will start on the 17th of January but before that, some of the cricketers are enjoying the Australian Open which will feature one of the greatest Tennis players in the world. This is another tournament that the world will look forward to at Melbourne Park. It is another great tournament that has been going on for over 100 years and is watched by millions of people. Some of the great Tennis matches have also been played in this very iconic tournament.

The current greats of Tennis is none other than Novak Djokovic who is also the defending champion as well after winning the tournament last season. The 36-year-old Serbian has won 24 grand slams which include 10 Australian Opens, 3 French Opens, 7 Wimbledons and 4 US Opens. There is another sportsman who is a big fan of the sort as well and he is the current Australia’s world best batter Steven Smith, who is the highest ranking batter and has scored over 15000 international runs and is a two-time World Cup winner. These are two of the best sportsmen who the people have witnessed together.

Smith and Djokovic playing Tennis

The people got to witness two of the best sportsmen in the world right now in the Australian Open. Steven Smith and Novak Djokovic were playing a friendly Tennis match against each other, which was enjoyed by the crowd. This was perhaps one of the greatest moments in sports that the people could not take their eyes off. There was also a moment where Smith surprised the legend with a chip shot that landed inside the line. Djokovic could only bow down to the ex-Australia skipper after that shot.

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Throughout this event, Smith was also looking as skilled as he looked with a cricket bat in hand. Although this was just a fun and friendly encounter Smith was still looking in perfect form while playing tennis as well. This should not be surprising since we always knew that Smith was a natural athlete who he was not only a master with the bat, but also one of the most agile fielders on the field. The Aussies will never forget this moment when they actually saw both incredible sporting legends live and got a glimpse of their unique personality as well.

Steve Smith Novak Djokovic Australian Open