WATCH: Rohit Sharma fan burns Mumbai Indians Jersey after announcement of new captain

Video post of Rohit Sharma fan burning Mumbai Indians Jersey goes viral. Fans who are angered by the decision are not happy with change in leadership before the season.

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MI Jersey on fire

Mumbai Indians(MI) have made a very surprising and unpredictable change to their team dynamics by deciding to appoint Hardik Pandya in place of Rohit Sharma as Mumbai Indians' skipper. This change has led to some mixed responses from the fans already and some people cannot believe that Rohit will not be leading the side in the upcoming Indian Premier League (IPL) 2024. It is safe to say that Hardik has some big shoes to fill as Rohit has been the MI skipper for 10 years and has given the fans some iconic moments that also include 5 IPL titles.

The management and staff of Mumbai Indians still have to deal with some unhappy fans who do not feel there should have been a change in leadership going into the tournament. This will be an issue since the Hitman is a fan favourite not only in Mumbai but also all over India. Even the fact that Hardik won an IPL title in 2022 as captain does not satisfy these angry fans as they could not see him replacing one of the most iconic leaders in the tournament and living up to the same standards as Rohit.

Fans are fuming with anger

A video has already been uploaded on Social Media where a Rohit Sharma fan was seen burning the Mumbai Indians' jersey and taking out his frustration on this decision. This video has gone viral all over social media for all the wrong reasons. This action by an angry fan has been said to be a disrespectful act towards any team. Even though this was just an angry reaction from a die-hard fan, it is still not a good look for the fanbase as they have started losing followers as well.

Watch the video below:

This act might be just emotional, but it is still not something that should be recommended by anyone. Many people might not be happy about certain decisions, but this is still disrespectful to any team that is playing in the league. Many people are not happy with this decision, but this post will cause a lot of problems for a team that has one of the strongest fan bases in the IPL and have a lot of golden years behind them. Whether this change will result in glory or failure is uncertain, but losing the fans who adore the team can have some major consequences as well.

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