WATCH: Rahul Dravid's son play beautiful cover drives in the Cooch Behar Trophy

Rahul Dravid's son goes viral on social media with textbook cover drives in Cooch Behar trophy match against Uttarakhand. Fans give good wishes for him in the future.

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Rahul Dravid's son playing cover drives like the great man himself

There is a lot of cricket going around everywhere and with a lot of cricket fans in  India, it is a treat for them to watch. There have been a lot of cricket legends who have been an inspiration to their sons. Some of these cricketers have also gone on to play competitive cricket and live up to their popular lineage. There are also some cricketers' sons who tried their best to make a name for themself in the game as well, but couldn’t live up to the expectations. After all there is a lot of pressure on these men as they also have really big shoes to fill. 

There is one cricketing legend who no one will forget who has given some of the most memorable performances for Indian Cricket. He is none other than Mr. dependable and current India coach Rahul Dravid. The former India star has had a successful tenure as India’s coach and was the man behind the team's great performance in the World Cup which led to India making their 4th final in World Cups. He is known for his long and graceful knocks for India which he seems to have shared with his son Samit Dravid.

Like father Like son

A video went viral where Dravid’s son was playing a match against Uttarakhand in the Cooch Behar trophy. The video of the young player playing some textbook cover drives reminded people of how his father used to approach his innings. Samit had a great match against Uttarakhand as well, where he scored a match winning 98 and 3 wickets to win the game for Karnataka by an innings and 130 runs. Fans were impressed with this video where they were reminded of the grace and technique similar to his father. Everyone will be curious of how the young Dravid’s future will pan out. 

Watch video below-

Samit is already giving great performances, but he still has a long way to go in the game and he has to be groomed really well to have a great chance in the future. Its still early days for him and he will be under pressure trying to live up to the stature and standards set by his father and won’t be easy for his future in the game. But the beginning of his career has started well and there will all be good wishes for the young man.

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