WATCH: Raging bull interrupt a local cricket match, check out what happened next

Raging red hot bull interrupts a local match terrifying everyone who was present. Everyone taking cover after this trying to run away from the animal to save their lives.

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Raging Bull ( Source- X)

The game of cricket is played everywhere in the world whether it is on the streets or the ground. It is one of the most popular games in India, where you will find people playing at every nook and corner. This is where the game is enjoyed the most, where there is not a lot of pressure as well. The number of tournaments played all over India is something that we can appreciate a lot. The local tournaments are where we get a glimpse of how many people love the sport.

However, these local tournaments can also face the same problems of interruptions as well. Most of the games are interrupted due to the change in weather or difficult playing conditions. Sometimes we also see some unusual circumstances that can affect the game as well. There is not much to say about these instances as they rarely happen continuously. We still see such problems which we can never predict will happen in a game of cricket.

Bulls on the loose

One such incident happened during a local cricket match in a village as well. A clip-on X showed a raging bull interrupting the match completely. This might be the most intense and hilarious incident at the same time. The bull just casually landed up in the middle of the match and started running towards the players. All everyone could do is just take cover and run for their lives for safety.

Watch the video below-

It has to be said that this incident is not as funny as it looks. This could have been a really serious situation, where someone could get seriously hurt. There were some laughs among the spectators, but for the players, it was still lives at stake. This is an unusual situation that could have led to anything in the future. Who knew that the real game-changing moment would happen due to a crazy animal that was about to attack the players?

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