20 yr old cricketer passes away after suspected heart attack on the field

20 year old cricketer from Pattan passes away after collapsing on the cricket field while bowling. A sad moment for friends and families to go through this tragic moment.

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Suhaib Yaseen (Source - X)

The game of cricket is enjoyed by everyone on the field and is one of the most popular sports in the world. The Indians have one of the largest fanbases in the game as well, which has been growing since the 1983 World Cup. There are millions of people who play the game and have gained a lot of lessons and have enjoyed it as well. There is hardly an Indian who dislikes the game and appreciates all the players and people who have done a lot for the sport. The number of cricket fans and players we see have that great passion in them that they want to share all around the world.

The cricketing world in India is so vast that even the local tournaments get a lot of recognition as well. The likes of Pravin Tambe and Umran Malik have come into the limelight through one of these local tournaments. Even though cricket has some great memories, there is also a fair share of dark and sad moments as well. The game of cricket can turn ugly and sad at some points as well. These moments are something that no cricket fan or player will want to remember at all and move on from it as soon as possible.

The worst moments for any sportsman

In a local tournament, Janjiwera  witnessed one of those sad moments where a 20-year-old bowler while playing a local match had collapsed on the field in his run-up. The players name was Suhaib Yaseen, who was also quickly sent to the hospital but was reported dead on arrival. This is a sad moment for Suhaib’s family and friends to lose their dear one at such an early age. The people will be hoping that his near and dear ones can stay strong after witnessing this tragic incident that has caused the loss of their loved one.

This matter has also led to former MLA Imran Reza Ansari to share his condolences to the young man during a game of cricket. Ansari posted on social media saying  “In the wake of tragedy, Pattan grieves the loss of Suhaib Yaseen, a spirited soul who met an untimely end on the cricket field today.” The politician also added in the post concerning Suhaib’s friends in Pattan and his family who will still be dealing with this tragic incident involving an important member of their family. We hope the best for the family who have witnessed one of the worst tragedies that they could experience.