WATCH: Old video of taxi driver failing to recognize Glenn Maxwell and Adam Zampa

Old video of Australia star cricketers Glenn Maxwell and Adam Zampa went viral on social media. Both sportsmen showed their fun and happy personality while engaging with Taxi driver who did not recognize them.

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Glenn Maxwell and Adam Zampa( Source- Twitter)

The Australian cricket team is still one of the best teams in the world with a lot of achievements. They have 6 World Cups, one T20 World Cup, 2 Champions trophies and one World Test Championship(WTC). They are no doubt one of the best teams in the world right now and have had a lot of great players. There are very well-known and legendary players in their squad such as Steven Smith, Pat Cummins and Nathan Lyon, who are no doubt some of the most iconic players. However, some players might not be held in higher regard to these players, but still are some of the most iconic players in the team.

One of these players is Glenn Maxwell and Adam Zampa who might be more well known in the T20 circuit, but have still played major roles for the national team as well. Maxwell is still one of the impactful all-rounders in the whiteball format with over 6500 runs and 100+ wickets in international cricket and Adam Zampa has been one of their best spinners in the game with 200+ wickets in ODI’s and T20I’s combined. Their performance in the 2023 World Cup was also loved by every Australian cricket fan and will always be remembered.

Old throwback video

An old video recently resurfaced on social media where both Glenn Maxwell and Adam Zampa were in a Taxi and were talking cricket with the driver. The driver didn’t seem to recognize the players even when they were sitting right behind him. This led to a hilarious reaction from the man who had no idea that he had two international cricketers sitting in his car and having fun. This got fans on social media making hilarious comments concerning this old throwback video.

Watch the video below-


Apart from the hilarious circumstances, it was still great to see both the cricketers still engaging with the fans without making it look awkward. Both Maxwell and Zampa, who are known to be aggressive and animated on the field, showed a more friendly and relatable side of them in this old video. These old videos are something all fans will enjoy watching not only for the laughs but for the personality of their favourite cricketers as well. These are no doubt good moments of cricketers engaging with fans off the field.


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