WATCH: Interview of MS Dhoni's childhood friend

MS Dhoni childhood friend interview gets viral on social media. All praises by him while displaying the signed bat by the legend. Big example of why he is loved by everyone.

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The legacy of MS Dhoni is known all over the cricketing world whether he can finish the game with his lusty blows or his fantastic strategies as a captain. There is almost no one who compares to the great wicketkeeper batter. However, we are also forgetting that it hasn’t been the easiest of journeys for the boy from Ranchi. Who not only failed to get selected for the U19 World Cup in 2000 but also had to spend some years working as a Train conductor in Kharagpur as well. Who would  have known that this man coming from a simple household would turn out to be one of the most successful cricketers in the country?

The former India skipper has been training hard for the upcoming Indian Premier League(IPL) season, where he is once again going to lead the Chennai Super Kings(CSK). In one video we had seen Captain Cool himself use the bat which was given to him by his childhood friend. This shows that Dhoni has not forgotten the people who have been with him during his tough times as well. This is the personality of Captain Cool himself who has kept his friends close even after being one of the richest sportsmen in the world.

Dhoni’s friend interview

The bat which Dhoni was using was from the shop of Paramjit Singh, who owns a sports shop in Ranchi. The man was also mentioned in the biopic of the famous cricketer as well. There was an interview conducted with Paramjit at his shop. During this interaction, he was saying a lot of praises for Dhoni while showing a signed bat which had "Best wishes Chotu bhaiya" written on it.  “I'm feeling very proud, MS has always been there with us, that's our friendship, he's given me his signed bat," he said. These are the words said by one of the people who knew the Indian skipper since his childhood days.

Watch the video below-

The story of Dhoni is something which has inspired every aspiring sportsman all over the world right now. MS has done a lot for the cricketing scene already on and off the field. This is a huge example of why he is one of the most loved cricketers around the world. Dhoni will always be remembered not only for being one of the greatest leaders and wicketkeeper batters in the game but also one of the best personalities as well. There will be a lot of talented players on the Indian side, but there might not be anyone like Mahendra Singh Dhoni in the future.

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