WATCH: Fan touching Virat Kohli's feet during 2nd T20I between India and Afghanistan

Virat Kohli Fan interrupts the game and shows appreciation and love towards India star cricketer Virat Kohli. The King managed himself well in a very complicated situation.

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Virat Kohli( Source- Twitter)

The game of cricket is not only one of the most popular sports in India but also the most worshipped one as well. There is a reason that Sachin Tendulkar is called the God of Cricket and Sourav Ganguly was called the Prince of Kolkata. This shows the amount of cricket lovers around the world, who choose their favourite players and wish to just see and meet them one more time. To be fair these legends have done everything to deserve the respect and appreciation from these fans. The amount of love and appreciation for these sportsmen is unbelievable and the fans still enjoy their great innings and personality.

One of those most worshipped cricketers is Virat Kohli who is currently one of the best batters in the world right now. Kohli has broken a lot of records in his 16-year international career. He is the second-highest Indian run scorer just under the Master blaster Sachin Tendulkar and is cherished and loved by the fans for his incredible innings and consistency in scoring runs at will. With all these achievements there is no surprise that the man is known as the King. with over 24000 international runs and 80 international hundreds, there is no doubt that he will go down as one of the greatest of all time.

King Kohli's encounter with crazy fan

During the 2nd T20I between India and Afghanistan, Virat Kohli was welcomed with the same chants and cheers as usual. The former India skipper was fielding at the boundary line, where he met one of his die-hard followers during the game. The fan was interrupting the game and straight away went and touched Virat’s field and hugged him before he was taken away by security. This went viral on Social media where the fans gave a positive reaction towards the great man on how he calmly handled the situation and continued to concentrate on the game.

Watch the video below:


This was surely a glimpse of great sportsmanship by Virat as he showed appreciation for the fans even during the game when he had to concentrate on the game. Virat seemed to know that it might not be the right way to earn his attention and knew that the fan just wanted to gain his affection. These were certainly great scenes to watch with one of the greatest sportsmen in the world handling himself well in one of the most complicated situations you can ever be involved in.

Virat Kohli India vs Afghanistan T20I series