Two Zimbabwe players face suspension over use of recreational drugs

Zimbabwe Cricket declared the suspension of two national players for engaging in "recreational drug use." Wesley Madhevere and Brandon Mavuta both recorded positive test outcomes for a banned recreational substance during a recent in-house doping test.

Sarah Andrew
New Update

In a recent turn of events, Zimbabwe Cricket faced a setback with the suspension of two national players, Wesley Madhevere and Brandon Mavuta, for "recreational drug use. During a routine in-house doping test, both Madhevere and Mavuta tested positive for a banned recreational drug.

However, the board did not disclose the specific substance or the timeline of the tests. The cricket board acted swiftly, imposing an immediate suspension on the two players pending a disciplinary hearing. This move aligns with the Zimbabwe Cricket Code of Conduct, emphasizing the zero-tolerance approach toward anti-doping rule violations.

Madhevere, a 23-year-old allrounder, has been making waves in the national team since his debut in 2020. On the other hand, Mavuta, 26, has garnered experience in Tests, one-day internationals, and T20 internationals. Both players were integral parts of the Zimbabwe squad, adding to the complexity of the situation.

These suspensions add to Zimbabwe Cricket's recent woes, following coach Dave Houghton's resignation. The team's failure to qualify for the upcoming T20 World Cup and a series loss against Ireland have intensified the scrutiny on Zimbabwe's footing in International cricket.  Houghton's departure and now the ban on two national players underscores the challenges within the team dynamics.

Madhevere and Mavuta face charges under the Zimbabwe Cricket Code of Conduct. The impending disciplinary hearing will shed light on the severity of the violations and potential consequences. After it’s victory against  Pakistan in the T20 World Cup in 2022 in Australia, Zimbabwe was expected to progress faster in international cricket but their recent performances and the issues within the team have taken them two steps back. 

With the rise of other associate nations such as Uganda and Netherlands in the international arena, Zimbabwe will have to keep performing well in international tournaments to rise up to its past glory.