The hundred 2024 announce new rules regarding selection and salaries of players

The Hundred to have implemented some changes in the rules and regulations regarding player selection and salaries going into the next season. Both rules may likely impact the selection of teams in both men's and women's divisions.

Sarah Andrew
New Update

The Hundred

The year 2021 saw the beginning of another new format in the cricket world known as The Hundred. This is an England based franchise league where each team will be playing 100 balls in each innings. The maximum a bowler can bowl in this tournament is 20 balls and the bowlers can bowl a maximum of 10 balls in one set. This has become a popular tournament in the country where the number of balls has reduced and the margin for error has reduced. The tournament is expected to have a good response from the audiences who have witnessed another unique format featuring some popular faces in the teams.

The last season saw the Oval Invincibles win in the men's division and the Souther Brave win in the women’s division. This format has featured some great players in the past that have gotten all the fans to witness this tournament and has gone for 3 years. It will be interesting to see how far this league will go and what it will have to offer going forward with the 8 teams competing this year as well. The spectators and players must be eagerly waiting for the next season as well.

New changes in the League

There are some changes which have been made in both the men's and the women’s divisions of the League. There will be an extra 100k ponds that will be allocated to each team which will equate to 50000 for the top-tier players and 8000 for low-tier players going into the tournament. The team can also only retain up to 8 players, where two out of three of the lowest-tier players will be available for the Vitality Wildcard draft. This is likely to make a lot of changes in the retention and player selection plans for all the franchises.

As for the Men’s divisions, it will be the same salary structure among the teams as we saw last season, but the teams are also permitted to retain one player as a nominated central contract player with the English centrally contracted players increasing as well. The centrally contracted player will also be the 16th man in the squad with a salary band of 125000 pounds. If the contracted player is not available it will also be ensured that the teams have equal distribution as well. 

The Hundred Southern Brave Oval Invincibles