Sri Lanka Cricket(SLC) decide to introduce new law

Sri Lanka Cricket to introduce some new laws to avoid political interference in the future. With new committee made, new decisions will also be major to change the SLC's fortunes.

Sarah Andrew
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Harin Fernando

There have been a lot of teams right now who are reaching new heights in international cricket and getting some great talents in their ranks. The likes of India, Australia, England, Pakistan, and New Zealand are still playing some great cricket and have a lot of talented players in their ranks who are groomed well. There are still teams like Bangladesh and Zimbabwe who are still struggling to find their rhythm and get some wins under their belt as well, but there are also those teams who were at one time one of the biggest superpowers and are now inching closer to the bottom of the barrel. It is sad to see because the teams we are talking about have a very rich history and have given some great matches in the past as well.

One of these teams is Sri Lanka, who were once a promising and top team in international cricket but are now struggling to find their feet. The amount of problems going on in the country hasn’t made it easy for them as well.  The team also has three major international trophies to their name including 1 One Day World Cup, 1 T20 World Cup, and 1 Champions Trophy. But in recent times that glory has been far from being achieved. The team was also suspended by the Imperial Cricket Council as well on the grounds of Political interference.

New laws made to avoid further problems

The sports minister of Sri Lanka Ranil Wickremesinghe after the suspension given by the council, sacked Roshan Ranasinghe and replaced him with Harin Fernando who formed a new committee to run the Sri Lanka Cricket(SLC). With this step, some new laws are being made where the sports minister will not have the power to appoint the committee at all to stop the interference of politics with the council. These bold measures were taken by Fernando while he was still in talks with the committee to introduce and change this law which has been there since 1973.

It will be interesting to see how the SLC will use this law to get the team back to its best after some disappointing performances so far. This still can be a new beginning for the cricket board and players who still have some talented players in their ranks like Kusal Mendis and Wanindu Hasaranga. The Sri Lanka cricket fans will also hope that everything gets back to normal where the team will continue playing a lot of cricket and scale some new heights like in the past. 

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