'So, I think it'll be difficult...'- Mohammed Siraj warns England ahead of upcoming 5-match Test series

India star bowler Mohammed Siraj warns England team ahead of the upcoming 5 match Test series which will start on 25th of January. Bold words by the pacer.

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Mohammed Siraj (Source: X)

India and England are one of the top international sides right now in Test cricket where the Indians have grown with talent in their squad, and England has their unique style of approaching Test cricket. This approach has been given an identity known as Bazball where the England team have played an attacking style of Test cricket which has put the bowlers under pressure straight away. This approach has been successful in the previous series, but the big question is if England can continue that same approach in the sub-continent as well.

India has a bowling attack that can be very lethal against this England batting lineup with quality spinners and great pacers. The likes of Ravichandran Ashwin and Ravindra Jadeja will be the ones to look out for on tracks that will give them enough turn and bounce to make things tough for the England batters, however, the pace attack cannot be left out, especially Mohammed Siraj. Siraj has been one of the X- factors for India in Test cricket with the new ball where he has already taken 68 wickets in 23 matches. He will also be ready for the 1st Test match which will be played at his home in Hyderabad.

Siraj warns the England side

Siraj is known for his aggressive nature on the field which gives him the confidence to bowl against even the best batters in the world. In an interview on Jio cinema, there was no surprise that the star pacer was asked about the Bazball approach as well. Siraj replied by saying that the match might get over quicker if England played with that approach since the turn and bounce on the wicket would not support their style of play. He finished his statement by saying  "So, I think it'll be difficult to see Bazball here. But if they play it, it'll be good for us as the match may get over quickly."

These words from Siraj are a clear warning for the English batters who have been playing this style of cricket, which has resulted in big scores being made in Test cricket in one day. It will be interesting to see if Siraj’s words will come true in the series. Though the pacer does have a point and the record of some of these England batters in the sub-continent has been disappointing in the past. Siraj looks confident going into the series already and he will be one of the main bowlers who is capable of going up against this England team.

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