Shahid Afridi’s ‘Galti Se’ response to Shaheen Afridi captaincy appointment goes viral leaving fans amused

Despite the anticipation among Pakistani fans for Shaheen Afridi taking charge of the men's T20I side, a viral video features his father-in-law, Shaheed Afridi, expressing a desire for Mohammed Rizwan to assume the role of Pakistan's T20I captain.

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Shahid Afridi trolls Shaheen in live event

As cliché as it sounds, Cricket is considered to be a religion in South Asian countries like India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, and cricketers are treated as demigods in these countries. Unlike many Western counterparts, fans in these countries don’t have much to cheer about when it comes to sports and therefore the focus of major fans in these countries is on one sport which is Cricket.

Therefore, when the cricket team tastes success, their fans get overjoyed and put the players on a huge pedestal and shower them with all the love. On the other hand, if the team performs badly then these same players have to go through a lot of criticism which can sometimes go overboard.

Something like this happened with the Pakistan Cricket team when after an average show in the World Cup, the entire Pakistan Cricket team management got sacked including their premier batter Babar Azam, and was eventually replaced by young Shaheen Shah Afridi in the T20 format who has taken the cricketing world by storm with his lethal bowling in the white-ball format.


Shahid Afridi’s viral ‘Galti Se’ response on Shaheen’s captain appointment

While all the Pakistan fans are excited by the prospect of Shaheen Afridi leading Pakistan’s men's T20I side, his father-in-law and Pakistan’s veteran all-rounder Shahid Afridi has a different perspective on it. In a viral video on social, Shahid Afridi was seen praising Mohammed Rizwan in an event where Shaheen Afridi was also present. He even went on to say that he wanted to him as the next T20I captain of Pakistan but Shaheen Shah got the job mistakingly.

In the event organized by the Shahid Afridi Foundation, he was quoted as saying, “I admire Rizwan's hard work and focus level. His best quality, which I like most, is only focusing on his game and paying no heed to who doing what and what is not. He is a fighter!”

He further added, “I wanted to see him (Rizwan) as the T20 captain, but Shaheen became the skipper by mistake,” which left the audience in splits.

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