Scotland Women's captain reveals her favourite Indian men's cricketer

Scotland Women's captain reveals her favourite Indian men's cricketer in an interview with India Today after great performance in the Europe Qualifiers. Which India Star could it be.

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Guess Who is the Indian Cricketer?

Guess the Indian cricketer?

The Scottish cricket scene will be happy with how their women have played in the concluded ICC T20 Women's World Cup qualifiers of the Europe region. They have officially qualified to play with the other associates to qualify for the upcoming Women's T20 World cup. The Scotland women have taken top spot as they were ahead of the Netherlands Women in the Qualifiers in run rate. They won 5 out of their 6 games only losing to Netherlands women who finished 2nd who also won 5 out of 6 losing to none other but the Scotland Women in the second round.

There are only good memories going around in the Scottish camp as they have beaten everyone in the competition with great performances in the tournament and finished on top after beating France Women by a massive margin of 155 runs. Scotland women captain and all rounder Kathryn Bryce was filled with joy. She received the prize and was really happy with how her team has performed in this tournament. She recently gave an interview with India today with great joy.

Favourites revealed

Bryce had a very cheerful attitude in the interview and answered the questions excitedly. The Scotland Women skipper was asked who her favourite men’s cricketer is and to no surprise she had said Jasprit Bumrah and supported her answer saying, “Jasprit Bumrah is my favourite Indian men's cricketer. When he is bowling in and out, he is very much unplayable". This was also evident with her being a pace bowling all rounder as well as she also had 5 wickets to go with her 133 runs as well. 

Kathryn Bryce's answer is evident since Bumrah is one of the best bowlers in international cricket right now and is an inspiration to every bowler in cricket right now. Bryce has her inspiration on the right players and what she has shown in this tournament so far is exceptional. With how her career is panning out there is no surprise that she could take Scottish cricket to great heights in the future and get them to their first World T20 Women’s World Cup.


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