Rohit Sharma and Hardik Pandya unfollow each other on Social media

Rohit Sharma and Hardik Pandya unfollow each other on social media where rumours have started to spread concerning the players. Insinuation of a cold war between the two.

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Rohit Sharma and Hardik Pandya

The Mumbai Indians(MI) is one of the most popular Indian Premier League(IPL) franchises in the tournament. With 5 titles to their name, they are comfortably the most decorated team in the T20 league who have a massive fanbase and have been a part of some amazing matches. The story of the team started back in the 2013 season when they won their first title after defeating the Chennai Super Kings(CSK) in finals. From there they had started their successful journey into the league where they beat every team and made history. There have been a lot of great players who have started their career in this franchise where the likes of Jasprit Bumrah and Ambati Rayudu come to mind.

The success of this franchise started with Rohit Sharma at the helm of affairs where he not only became one of their iconic players, but had led the team to five IPL trophies title as well. Rohit had made a legacy for himself in this Mumbai franchise and from here started his career to stardom where  he also was at his peak form for the Indian team. The story of MI’s success and Rohit go hand in hand and it will be tough for the fans to see a MI side not led by the hitman himself. Rohit is no doubt one of the best leaders in the league and has won the most titles for any player in the IPL.

Rohit and Hardik story

Another superstar who started his career with the franchise is Hardik Pandya, who has won 4 titles with MI and 1 with the Gujarat Titans as a skipper. Hardik was traded back into the Mumbai squad and was appointed as the new captain of the franchise. This did not sit well with fans who thought the star all rounder has forced himself as the new skipper for the upcoming season. There seems to be a rift between the two as well, where we have got news that they have even unfollowed each other on social media as well. While Hardik has been getting all the hate from the fans, the current India skipper has been silent about the issue.

There might be a lot of rumours concerning these two players, who at one time shared an unbreakable bond. The replacement of captains came as a shock to everyone who is a big fan of the franchise. The people wanted to see Rohit lead the side and aim for that sixth title as well. The things in the Mumbai Indians set up is not looking good at all and the people will want to see this issue sorted out as soon as possible. There are already people insinuating a cold war among these two sportsman who are going to be playing with each other in the upcoming league. We have to wait and see what the future plans for them will be ahead of the season.


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