Pakistan pacer gets into verbal battle with fan mocking his fielding, video goes viral

In a video widely shared on social media, a fan ridiculed Hasan Ali's catching skills, declaring, as relayed by Geo News, "Come here, let me guide you on catching." Hasan Ali responded, asking, "Who will demonstrate how to catch for me?"

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Hasan Ali (Image Credit: Twitter)

The cricket world witnessed an intense battle between Pakistan and Australia in a three-match Test series, especially in the last two matches that concluded recently. Amidst the on-field drama, a surprising incident unfolded on the field involving Pakistan pacer Hasan Ali and a fan, shedding light on the emotions running high during the series.

Hasan Ali proved to be a key player for Pakistan in the absence of experienced bowlers in the line-up. His contributions with the ball kept fans on the edge of their seats both on and off the field. Hasan Ali's video went viral when he was engaging the crowd in the iconic exercise drills which involved the fans and this move of Hasan Ali garnered attention from the fans.

However, it wasn't just on the field where Hasan Ali made headlines. A video circulating on social media captured a fan taunting Hasan about his catching skills after the conclusion of the third Test.

In a heated exchange during the third test, the 2017 Champions Trophy winner responded aggressively to a fan, showcasing the intensity that often accompanies professional sports. In a widely circulated video on social platforms, a spectator mocked Hasan Ali's catching abilities, stating, as reported by Geo News, "Come here, let me instruct you on catching."

Hasan responded without reservation, retorting, "Certainly, come over. Who's going to show me how to catch?" Here is the video: 

The incident aside, Australia showcased dominance throughout the series, ultimately claiming victory with an 8-wicket win in Sydney. The formidable duo of Pat Cummins and Mitchell Starc orchestrated Pakistan's collapse, securing an unassailable lead for the Aussies. Cummins and Starc played pivotal roles in dismantling Pakistan's chances of a series-leveling victory. Their strategic brilliance and skillful performances left a lasting impact on the outcome of the series.

Pakistan's Missed Opportunity

Despite Pakistan being 219 for 5 and needing 98 runs for victory in the final Test, Starc and Cummins upped their game, shattering Pakistani hopes. The missed opportunity to secure a series-leveling win added to the drama of the series. The series also marked the end of an era for Australian opener David Warner, who bid farewell to Test cricket at the Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG). 

Warner's sparkling career concluded with a respectable 57 off 75 balls in his final innings, leaving a lasting impression on fans. With the victory, Australia swept the series 3-0, showcasing their cricketing prowess. The series was a testament to the team's collective skill and determination, with each player contributing to the overall success.

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