New Zealand’s Kyle Jamieson set to miss another year of cricket as back stress fracture resurfaces

New Zealand's Kyle Jamieson has been ruled out of Test cricket, likely for a year due to back stress fracture. He recently made a comeback from a back surgery and again got diagnosed with stress fracture at the same spot.

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Injuries are a part and parcel of a sportsperson’s life and you are more prone to injury especially if you are a fast bowler. In the past we have many great players and their careers succumbing to injuries that have either diminished their skills or have kept them away from the game for too long.

New Zealand’s tall and lanky fast bowler has one of one of those cricketers who started as a bright prospect in world cricket who had the pace and could generate the extra bounce from the surface with his height that could trouble the batters. Unfortunately, his career has been marred with injuries which has never let his career graph rise as much as it should have been.

However, the youngster battled all the injuries and bided his time outside the game to make a comeback against South Africa in the home test series. Unfortunately, only after one test, Jamieson has again been diagnosed with a back stress fracture that too at the same spot on the back, where he had surgery last time that kept him out of the game for such a long time.

However, surgery won’t be required for Jamieson this time around but it could again keep him out of action for a year. Jamieson took 6 wickets in the first match against South Africa in the 1st test but felt soreness in the back after the match which later came out to be as a stress fracture.

Jamieson opens up on his struggle with injuries

Jamieson is dejected by back-to-back injuries but at the same time, he’s still hopeful to recover speedily and come back onto the field again. Speaking during the after-match press conference, he said, “The last few days have been some of my most challenging but I am hugely grateful for the support I've received from my partner, family, team-mates, support staff, and medical professionals. I know injuries are part of life as a cricketer and at my age, I am hopeful I still have many more playing days ahead of me.

He added, “I've got a bit of a roadmap as to how to manage it. I know some of the hurdles I'll have to overcome, probably more mentally and emotionally, the physical side is the easy part. You just rest and build back up. It's almost autopilot in a way.”

He also focused on the role of mental strength in overcoming such time-taking injuries. He said, "It's more the mental hurdles, months on end, you are halfway through and a fair bit of time has gone and there's still a fair chunk of time away. It's tough because you don't want to go through it again. You hope that each time is the last time but I'm also 6'8'' and trying to bowl fast, so know it's definitely part of the journey."

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