Nasser Hussain shares special advice to England regarding Bazball approach

Former England skipper Nasser Hussain advises England on how to come back in the Test series vs India. Does not want them to move away from the Bazball approach completely.

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Nasser Hussain

Nasser Hussain (Source - X)

The England team is in a spot of bother going into this 5-match series vs India. After surprising the hosts in the first game, everything has come crashing down in the next two. The Poms will have a must-win game in Ranchi if they want to stay alive in the series. With the trailing 2-1 is going to put them under pressure straight away. There are still two games to go and only time will tell if England will make a comeback in the series.

The big debate of the series was whether England would be able to counter the Bazball tactic. This was a new way of approaching the game of Test cricket that has turned the English into the dominant side they are. Ben Stokes and his team will have a big task ahead of them, but there are suggestions that the Bazball tactic isn’t really going to come through in the series. This has become the big debate on whether the England team might have to change their approach moving forward.

The opinions of Nasser Hussain

Former England captain and Ashes winner Nasser Hussain had his opinions on the changes England will have to make. Hussain has said that England have a great record in the last 18 months but criticized their record in India saying “In India it isn't as good. But if they do want things to change, it can't just be a matter of 'this is the way we play, we aren't questioning ourselves.” Nasser has also brought up the success rate of the team performing well in the last 18 months as well.

"They've had 18 months of incredible success and this isn't the time to move away from their philosophy. It's a time for introspection.” Hussain is suggesting that the team should instead work on their basics instead of changing their approach which have given them a lot of success. These are words coming from the 96 Test match veteran on how the England team can come back in the series. We will have to wait and see if these words will help them going forward. 

Nasser Hussain India vs England Test series