Mohammed Shami slams former Pakistan cricketer Hasa Raza for his controversial claim on Indian bowlers

Cricket News: Mohammed Shami slams former Pakistan cricketer Hasa Raza for his controversial claim on Indian bowlers in the ODI World Cup 2023

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Md Shami

Md Shami (Source: Twitter)

Former Pakistan cricket player Hasan Raza caused a stir during a recent discussion on ABN News, claiming that the Indian team was getting different balls to play with and that there was "DRS manipulation" taking place. Raza urged the International Cricket Board to inspect the balls used by the Rohit Sharma-led team and suggested that such practices could be seen during the recent match between India and South Africa.

However, his statement was met with strong reactions from Indian cricketers, with Mohammed Shami taking to Instagram to express his discontentment. Shami asked Raza to focus on the game instead of indulging in "rubbish talks" and reminded him that this was the ODI World Cup, not a local tournament.

Shami slams Hasan Raza!

Md Shami shared an Instagram story and slammed the ex Pakistani cricketer. He said, "Sharm karo yaar game par focus karo na ki faltu bakwas par kabi to dusre ki success ko enjoy kia karo chii yar World Cup hai apk local tournament, nahi hai or Ap player hi the na. Wasim bhai ne samjhaya hai explain kia tha phir bhir Hahahahahahahaha. apne player apne Wasim akram par yakin nahi apko. apna tarif karne main lage hai janab apto just like a wow (Please have some shame. Focus on the game rather than talking rubbish. Enjoy and chill; this is the ODI Cricket World Cup, not a local tournament. Wasim Akram explained, but still, hahaha. You do not trust your own Wasim Akram. This person is busy praising himself)," wrote Shami on his Instagram story.

Pakistani cricket legend Wasim Akram also criticized Raza's statement and said that such baseless accusations not only embarrass the person making them but also those associated with them. Akram further added that he wanted to have what Raza was having as it seemed like fun to make such outlandish claims.

While the allegations made by Raza have been dismissed by many, it highlights the importance of fair play and the need to uphold the integrity of the game. It is up to all participants in the sport to ensure that such practices are not prevalent and that cricket continues to be a sport played with honesty and respect.

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