IPL 2024 to start on the 22nd March despite Lok Sabha elections

IPL 2024 to begin on the decided date despite upcoming Lok Sabha elections process. The big question is will the Board and committee be able to run the league as smoothly amidst the chaos.

Sarah Andrew
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IPL 2024

Indian Premier League(IPL) 2024 is set to begin with all the teams ready to perform and win the title. All the fans are hyped about the upcoming league and are excited to watch their favourite teams play. This will be the 17th IPL season, once again featuring some experienced and upcoming players, who will be competing against one another to get their hands on that iconic trophy. It will be another spectacle that the fans and players will enjoy their time on the field. We will once again see one of the best players in the world battle it out against the richest T20 franchise league in the world.

Another celebrated event in the country is also the upcoming Lok Sabha election, which is where the political parties will be competing for the maximum votes to form the government and run the country. This is the time when the streets are filled with political campaigns and voting booths. This has also affected the IPL as well where the Board and committees had to change the venues to new venues. This is the reason that the 2009 season saw the tournament being played in South Africa and half of the first season in 2014 was played in the United Arab Emirates.

IPL to continue on the decided date

The Lok Sabha elections will once again begin in the year 2024 and people were also thinking that it might force the board to change the schedule once again. However, this time it is decided that despite this issue the league will be played in India on the original date of 22nd March. This has led to all the fans giving excited reactions from the fans that they will get to see their teams play on their home grounds. It is also decided that if there is a city where there will be some complications, the venues will just shift to another location going forward.

Overall this is an exciting day for the fans, but some people will still be curious to see how will the Committee and board manage to run this league smoothly with the campaigning and procession of the election in full flow. The reason for the change of location has been to make sure the league is running smoothly. It will seem to be another challenge for the Indian Cricket Board and the IPL committee to run the league as smoothly through the chaos that will be going on due to the upcoming elections.

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